Wonder why Angel Business Club will give you a share of the bounty?

Published by Pete Ade — 4-13-2018 at 9:57 AM UTC

Ever wondered what 10 tonnes of gold looks like? It would actually fit in the back of an SUV. 

And what is it worth? Around $600million.

The reason I'm showing you what it looks like, is to bring home exactly what the Britannia's Gold salvage team are looking for on the first shipwreck they are targeting in the Atlantic ocean (they have called this target project Triton). They have plenty of documented evidence the gold is there, they have already shifted tonnes of debris from the area and just need to find the gold and bring it home. They are probably 2/3's of the way to completion and will re-commence salvage operations in the next 6-8 weeks. In the meantime, they are doing surveys of more wrecks ready for the next salvage operations after that. In total they have identified over 700 wrecks of British ships that were carrying gold

When do they find it and bring it home, every single member of the Angel Business Club will get a share of the bounty. Remember, on the first wreck alone they are expecting to find around $600,000,000 worth of gold. The Angel Business Club made a big investment into this operation and own a substantial shareholding. Instead of keeping it all to themselves though, every month they give away more "Britannia's Gold Dividend Fund Units" to all active members of the Club. THe more Dividend Fund Units you have, the greater your share of the payouts.

If you have not joined the Club yet, you are missing out on this very exciting (and potentially very rewarding) project. Why not join over 2,000 active members all around the world and secure your share? The sooner you join, the more units you'll acquire.

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