Auto Affiliate Program Review

Published by Paul van leeuwen — 4-3-2017 at 8:12 AM UTC

Auto Affiliate Program is an affiliate system that provides free e-books weekly to its members to give away. It describes the books as a passive income stream that earns income for you for the rest of your life.

It is a simple system that can easily be implemented into your existing affiliate campaigns. The e-books tackle various topics, from relationship, business, music, self-help, and a lot more.

They contain affiliate links with your Clickbank ID to various products found in the Clickbank marketplace that are related to the topic. According to Auto Affiliate Program review, Before you can give away your books, you have to brand them with your affiliate links, but the affiliate links are automatically included into the system when you join the program.

The next step of this Clickbank affiliate program is to distribute the e-books for free. You can either send them to your contacts or post a download link of the e-books in social media sites and blogs.

The main goal of this Clickbank affiliate marketing strategy is to make the e-books go viral. You will earn money if a person clicks your branded affiliate link and buys the product or service through it. Some of the products provided in the e-books have one-time earning potential, while other services require monthly fees. The latter gives you the opportunity to each continuously until the person opts out of the service.

Your potential to earn from this Clickbank marketing system depends on how many e-books you can give away and share. The more people who download or read the e-book, the higher the chance you earn money. While it is a simple system to implement,so its not hard to do for those new to affiliate programs.

The Auto Affiliate Program is 100 percent automated. The member (you) will do nothing else but then give away and distributed the free e-books.The system provides a new e-book every week, which means you get a new Clickbank passive income stream each week.

You will earn as long as somebody buys a product or service via a link branded in the books. It doesn’t matter where they got the books as long as it contains your affiliate ID in the link. This must be the reason why most Auto Affiliate Program reviews are positive.

Each e-book from the Auto Affiliate Program has the potential to make money for you. You don’t have to install anything. It works on all platforms, computer, smartphones, and tablets. The books are designed to go viral. The content and the covers are made to be appealing to a wide audience. People will likely download them because they tackle various topics that are interesting.

Auto Affiliate Program is certainly worth trying. It provides a passive income stream and it is a great hands off Clickbank marketing system that is worth much more than the costs...

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