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★ Internet and Network Marketer / Entrepreneur / #MakeMoneyOnline Tour Guide ★ Before Becoming A Full Time Successful Internet Marketing Professional, I Spent Over 15 Years as a Chief Executive Officer and Manager, Educator, Councilor/Psychologist, Cook and Chauffeur of My Household (AKA Active Stay-at-Home-Mom ;-))... ★ I Completed My Career Change To Internet And Network Marketing In 2006 And I Learned That In Most Cases, You Cannot Achieve A Wealthy Life Style Of Independence Working For Someone Else. ★ I'm Fascinated with Personal Development and Universal Laws. The More I Discover About Myself, The More I Am Able To Help Others... ★ I Strive To Be Aware Of The Latest Developments In My Field As An Internet Marketing Professional / Email Marketer And Consultant. "Truthfulness, Honesty, Proper Education and ACTION are the Simple Keys to Fantastic Attraction Marketing" ╚► Yours In Helping The Average Hard Working Marketer Succeed Online IN THE SIMPLEST and FASTEST WAY POSSIBLE!

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Merry Christmas from Barbie!

Published on 12-25-2017 at 4:05 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Merry Christmas from Barbie!


During 2017, it's a safe bet that we all experienced some good times, some great times, and not-so-good times

... perhap... (continue reading →)

Happy TGIF!

Published on 12-15-2017 at 4:01 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Hiya! Barbie here... It's Friday and counting today, there's only 10 more days till Christmas... it is unbelievable how the time has flown!

Don't let anyone ever tell you that people don't spend money on new op portunities in December.

Those with BIG DREAMS and BELIEF want t... (continue reading →)

Ordinary People Making lOOO+ a Day!

Published on 12-11-2017 at 4:20 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Wow. I've been waiting for something like this for 3 years...
The last time I was this excited about an online op-
portunity was early 2012. Been a looooooooooooong time!

But, it's finally here, and here's why I love it:

You can e@rn big

The New #1 Breaking Open the In come Vault

Published on 11-26-2017 at 2:56 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

At BuildaList-4Free, our admin tells us that as a whole, we havebroken open the in come vault and are literally exploding members in comes through the roof.

In our back office ... (continue reading →)

The A.G.E. Pill... Does it Work to REVERSE Your Age?

Published on 11-16-2017 at 3:49 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Exciting A.G.E. Pill Updates

Happy Thursday (already?)... Barbie Zabel here...

When we were very young, our bodies grew quickly. We had an abundance of stem cells.

Stem cells are the master cel

Effortless List Building (well, almost!)

Published on 11-16-2017 at 3:36 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Hey Gang! Barbie Zabel here...

Before getting into almost effortless list building, I'd like to talk about WHY you really want to have and grow your own list.

It has been said that if you aren't building a list, you're not really serious abou... (continue reading →)

How to Create Emotionally Compelling Ads

Published on 1-21-2017 at 3:29 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Good Advertising = More Money!

Make sure to peruse your program's site and splash pages for the benefits that stand out to you.  Mix and match your favorite phrases into paragraphs of your own to create unique shorter or longer ads.

Here are some basic guidelin... (continue reading →)

Persistent Consistency

Published on 1-11-2017 at 5:40 PM UTC by Barbie Zabel

Those two words describe what has served me the most over the years as a marketer.

No matter what form of promotion you gravitate toward, making ADVERTISING a priority and a daily habit will make you more money than you ever dreamed possible.

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