Running a business from home. Is it for You?

Published by Alf Osterberg — 7-3-2017 at 8:38 AM UTC

When you start a business, a cheap and effective way is to run it from home.
However, if you decide to do it from home, there are several factors
you need to bear in mind. Running a business from home is easy
but it isn't for everybody. Though it can provide greater flexibility
than an external office-based business basing your company in the same place
as where you live can also gravely impact your family social life
and lead to feelings of isolation.


There are obviously many advantages that cannot be discounted when
running a business from home. Among other things are you can earn an
income on top of a full-time job, it involves low risk and low cost,
no shop front required, you can do business round the clock and work
at your own pace without normal workplace distractions.

Individuals considering establishing a home-based business would do well
to sit back and consider several key questions to work out if the project is
suitable for them.

Hobbies into Careers

Entrepreneurs opting to turn their hobbies into a career are good
to start to work at home business. These include arts and crafts services
such as painting and pottery, childcare, teaching, and tutoring,
pet grooming, dog walking, and language translation.
It is a service business that works particularly well to run from home
because these businesses do not receive customers on the doorstep.
The range is varied and even involves large scale importers,
wholesalers and distributors as well as office-based business-like
consultancy and professional services such as communications,
public relations, accountancy, and human resources administration.
It also includes telesales and marketing, writing and editing, customer service
and web-based business

Some Vital Questions

Jumping into a home business without first thinking whether it is for you
would be unwise. There are questions you need to ask to ensure that
you will not be caught on the wrong foot. Among them,

Question One: Will I have the support of my partner and children if any?

Support from family members is important as you may need to allocate
some personal space for your work area. These areas cannot simply be
trodden upon by some naughty kids or even your friend's kids when
they come around.

Question Two: Am I good at setting priorities?

There are a zillion distractions when you work from home.
To be successful in running a business from home, you need to know
if you good at setting priorities and if you are able to get yourself
away from what is exciting to what is important?

Question Three: Will I have the discipline to work hard every day without a boss
always looking to see that that work is done?



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