Why I think ORU Marketplace Witll Be The Next PaYPal Killer

Published by Anthony Palmer The TruckingMarketer — 2-2-2019 at 4:39 PM UTC

I think ORU Marketplace will be the PayPal killer. 

ORU is an acronym. It stands for One Race United. ORU has a presence in over 100 countries around the world.

ORU Market is an Enterprise Software and Information Technology company that offers one-stop global social 

sharing, financial, trade and marketing software tools to its members.

ORU is a Peer-to-Peer Payments System that cuts out the middle man and offers it’s members an Elite Graphite 

Black Visa Debit Card with no credit check required to obtain the card, no minimum balance, advanced fraud 

protection and security. Mobile access, easy loading and 24/7 global support.

Four functions that makes ORU unique and causing a lot of people to leave PayPal at a fast rate listed below.

1. Withdrawals from MYFUNDS to ORU Visa take place within 24 hours, it often happens fastter than 24 hrs. 

from my experience with the platform.

2. ADVT Credits post to MYFUNDS within 24 hours.

ADVT is short for: Advance Distribution Virtual Token. 

It is a method and process designed by ORU to create a reference element by which members can purchase 

escrow capability in their MYFUNDS account for the purpose of applying those funds to the acquisition of 

products and services in the ORU Marketplace, purchasing advertising for products, services and businesses, 

applying funds to pay for their monthly Premium Member subscription fee and acquiring ORU Quantum.

3. MYFUNDS to MYFUNDS transfers between members are instantaneous, with no fees.

4. ORU Visa Card to ORU Visa Card transfers are instantaneous with no fees.

Funds are FDIC insured. No need to have PayPal and all the head aches that comes with them now that there’s 

a new player on the rise.

ORU offers members Weekly Participation Cash rewards along with spacial discounts on travel, and Rx. PayPal 

don’t offer that.

ORU has come along just at the right time with all the mess with #PayPal, #Stripe, and other #PaymentProcessors 

freezing the accounts of internet business owners and #marketers.

These are my thoughts, and options, and I have not been compensated for them in any way. 

Click here for a more in-death ORU Marketplace overview video by my friend Micheal Mansell

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