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Published by Niranjan Ranade — 6-9-2017 at 2:02 AM UTC

If you're like me, you want your ads to reach as many people as possible
for the least amount possible. You want
to get "more bang for the buck!"

You want explosive amounts of exposure and reach with explosive results.

If you belong to several Traffic Sites such
as Text-Ad-Exchanges and Credit Safelists,
your mailbox piles up on an hourly basis.

It takes a TON of time opening each email;
clicking on each ad to earn credits; waiting
for that timer to count down to zero before
you earn those credits.

Most people only have nights and weekends
to click on all of those ads in hopes of
earning enough credits to place their ads.

Hoping they will reach enough people to
sponsor, sell, or recruit enough people
to offset their time and expenses.

On the weekend, I've been able to earn credits
from just over 2,000 emails..and that was
over a 10 hour period (lunch, dinner, and
several other breaks in between).

My time is worth A LOT MORE than that!
I think yours is too!

What if you didn't have to do ALL of that
clicking anymore?

What if just 1 Click was all it took?

Introducing A Solution For You!

You can join as a Free Member and purchase
ads as you need them, while still earning
a small referral commission by advertising
the site (for those on a really tight budget).

Or you can upgrade to a small monthly fee
and automatically receive a monthly ad-pack
added to your account every single month AND
earn even HIGHER COMMISSIONS on referrals!

This includes Solo Ads, Banners, Button Ads,
Traffic Links, Hot Links, and Login Ads.

ALL sent out to multiple, participating
Text-Ad-Exchange sites at once! NO CLICKING
REQUIRED! You don't even have to be a Member
of ANY of the Partner Sites to send out your

Save TIME! Save MONEY!

Explode your efforts! Explode your results!

Talk Soon,

Niranjan Ranade

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