You can be honest with others and lie to yourself

Published by alan kavanagh — 2-15-2017 at 9:11 PM UTC

Hi guys I want to get a few things off my chest here and give you a back story and where i am today, if you know me personally than you will know me as a honest person, the thing about being honest is you can always be honest with other people but as honest as you are there is always that one person you will forever lie to and that’s yourself. You see if you where honest we lie and trick ourselves every day, we focus on our weakness rather than our strength, you have the power to convince ourselves were no good at something or that a goal is out of our reach, if I’m honest than I’m guilty of this too over the last few years I’ve made huge changes in my life and made a lot of progress and yet I still focus on tricking my brain.

If you can set a goal and you find yourself not making progress, what is it that’s stopping you? could it be as simple as your stopping yourself, actually putting obstacles in your own way weather it’s not making time or just distracting yourself long enough that the day is wasted, i hate to waste a day but we all do it.

For me it’s about half 1 in the morning and I’m tossing and turning over thinking a lot to be fair another trait of mine, some of you have been following my online journey the past few months which has been great and very positive but like i said you can be honest with others and lie to yourself so although everything is steaming along gathering momentum I’ve noticed I’ve come off the gas the last few days and that’s not how I want it, the best thing to do is to strip everything back to the begging and build it right, sure how can you be honest with others if you haven’t been honest with yourself and you focus on what’s in the way rather than what you have archived and were your going .

So I’m going to go back a few years here and i apogees’ I’m not a word smith.

A few years back i was just a ordinary guy that did the same as everyone else i went to work got home shower eat sleep we all know the routine day after day occasionally getting out at the weekends for a laugh I was always a bit quiet just kind of happy to plod along and do whatever, after the Celtic boom bust I headed off to oz with my partner and doing that really took me out of my shell, probably one of the happiest times in my life to fair, I didn’t have to worry about what i said or if my opinion was different worrying would i upset the person which is the way i used to be always trying to be ahead of the conversation in my own head and already have the answer before the question even came, it was great to let go and be the real me.

While we were travelling myself and my partner got pregnant ,next to Ashley being born finding out she was coming was the best day of my life, we continued to travel for a few month Australia, Malaysia and Thailand before coming home for Christmas as the months past you find yourself setting back into your life finding work and trying to find the work home balance I didn’t get the balance right at all if I’m honest and that lead to 2 years down the road our little family breaking up and around the same time leaving my job which sent me on very step spiral decline were i went lower than I’d rather get into here but I’m sure you can read the lines.

In your very late 20s it’s really hard to move back to your parents house it’s even harder when you’re taking your young daughter with you too, Ashley spends half the week with me always has till this day, at the time id have as much fun as i could with her and when the days were up id go running myself into the ground again literally some people might go to drink or drugs i ran till i couldnt move day after day and made a few mistakes along the way,18months past before i got back to work landing a job in Dublin airport where i still work today, it took a lot to build myself after my spiral and Ashley is 100% what saved my life and why i work so hard now i always want better for her , up until a few months ago although i knew i was doing my best i still had that feeling that i was failing her ,see i know im a good dad were best friends and we have some great adventures,I’ve been back home for 4 years now, sharing a room with my little girl (using a divider) she still has her pink princess room and the other side is just enough space for me.

This is what i mean when i say we can lie to ourselves and focus on our weakness instead of strengths, I’ve really come a long way in the last few years but i never look at it like that in a few months working online ive learned so much and i should be making videos and sharing these tips with you.

When you get into the rhythm of online marketing and you understand that’s its about being honest and building trust being honest and telling your story is a huge part of it, well i was always afraid of my story almost ashamed that id failed in some way there is alot more to of course im sure i could fill a book but there it is in black and white but it WON’T BE MY STORY.

My story will be in two years when i went from sharing a room with daughter and feeling i was letting her down to having my our own home and being the proudest dad you will find being financially and time free i believe that’s were I’m going because its were i have to be, I’ve let that story hold me back from so much in the last few years that stops here.There is a saying i love IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THE ISLAND BURN THE BOATS, with that mindset you have to make it to your goal there so no going back.

I have amazing mentors who have given me more than they would know they have given me a light in the tunnel and thought me skills that i can pass on, if you want to learn more about the strategy that will change my story go to

What i want you to take from this is that no matter what is in your way if you can’t get over it get around it find away because if i can get out of that hole you can to and if you need help I’m always here.

I’m sure i rambled there but if you made it this far thanks for reading

Your friend
Alan Kavanagh

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