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Published by alan irvine — 4-14-2017 at 8:56 AM UTC

Welcome to free traffic training there are no upsells one time offers etc just free training.

You will have to be a member of the below sites. If you are already a member then that's fine if not just join them.

All you need to do now is to add the websites you wish to promote to the traffic ad bar once you have done this then

take the tafficadbar short links and add them to the hit leap traffic exchange, set the visit duration for each site to 10 seconds

then click on earn traffic and download the hitleap viewer start it up and let it run 24/7 this will get you around 600 hits to

each link and about 5000 points which will boost your website up the adbar level ladder very quickly.

Now just promote the traffic adbar short links instead of your normal links at the traffic exchanges you normally surf at

to get some very viral traffic to your sites.

Here is another smart trick to get even more people looking at your site.

Join if you are not already a member. Again add your traffic adbar short links here to get more free traffic.

Now just click on startpage exchange from the trafficg main menu to get your Your SuperStart Referral Link now take this link

and add it to enter it at page 1 now pay attention this is important you must set

the refresh interval between 125 and 300 only and change the number every day. Just press the launch button and let this run 24/7 and enjoy all the free traffic you can get.

At least once a day, login to your Traffic G account and assign the free traffic exchanges credits that you earn to your website.

The credits that you earn are useless, unless you use them!

If you need something to promote and earn from then try this

That's All For Now But Stay Tuned For More Free Tips.


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