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Published by alan irvine — 4-14-2017 at 7:11 AM UTC

Whether you are or have been a member of The Freeway Connection at some point in the past 8 years, you need to make sure you are active and ready for a HUGE explosion in your downline.

 All of you are 30 to 90 days away from earning 3 monthly checks:

Emerald Package at The1DollarThing: $1,638.00
Basic Package at Freeway To Success: $ 770.00
Recipes 4 Your Success: $1,360.00
TOTAL MONTHLY CHECKS . . . . . . . . .$3,768.00

 Let's pause here for a minute and take a look at how we can help each other accomplish this.

Our goal, it's a simple one, BUILD A TEAM OF 39 for every ACTIVE member who are following the steps by being a member of The1DollarThing (Emerald Level - $12 per month), Freeway To Success (Basic Level - $5 per month), and Recipes 4 Your Success ($20 per month)!

 That's a total of $37 per month, which will give you 3 monthly checks within the next four to six weeks.

 Best case scenario, you are earning 3 monthly checks that will be coming to you month after month and because you are in profit you can take the next step and begin earning over $11,000 per month with the same team that we just put together!

 Worse case scenario - You take advantage of some awesome benefits and products where you can definitely save and earn more money than the $37 per month.

 You've got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN. 

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Or if you are ready to get started join each program below.

The 1 Dollar Thing    Remember To Upgrade To Emerald Level

Freeway To Success  Join At Basic Level

Recipes 4 Your Success 

You can email me here for any help or further info Alan Irvine alancirvine@hotmail.com

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Hello Everyone, My name is Alan Irvine, I am married and have two wonderful children, and one granddaughter. I have been involved with mlm businesses since 1995 . You May have heard of them Amway and kleeneze to name a couple. I was able to earn a living from them but it was hard work as I was no marketing genius and so returned to a normal job with a salary. Until I found this http://aioptk.com/15cu