So MWRLife or WorldVentures ??

Published by Alain LE CLERE — 4-7-2017 at 3:33 PM UTC

I was contacted for these two opportunities, so not easy to make his choice. Especially since they look very much alike. They are both in the travel industry.

So I dug for you and I chose !!

It is up to you to make your choice!!


Founded in 2014 in Florida in the United States by three very ambitious executives. First of all, Yoni Ashurov is the main founder of the company. He is assisted by Paul Stowers and Kevin Albright brilliant collaborators who have 25 years experience in direct sales.

More infos about the MWRLife opportunity : MWRLife


The company has existed since 2005. The company has proved its worth; It is very powerful in the United States in travel sales. The company has already received several awards.

More infos about the WorldVentures opportunity : WorldVentures

Products offered :

Both companies offer the same, discounted travel.

Their offers airfare, accommodation, dining, car rental, activities.

The difference :

Worldventures : These are dreamtrips. They include airport transfer, meals, some activities.

There is little choice and you leave with your job !! And yes you go with the members of the blue flag.

Booking 3 months before and not many destinations proposed so you follow where the company wishes to take you.

MWRLife : The company reaches a wider audience, bus rental, hotel, car, apartment hotel. Competitor of

You can go with your family, your friends or for business trips.

You go where you want when you want. 400,000 hotels. 

How to join ?

WorldVentures / 2 subscription packages :

  • Gold $ 199 registration and $ 49 monthly subscription     
  • Platinium $ 299 registration and $ 99 monthly subscription

Free from 4 people you have personally sponsored and to be eligible for bonus and commission.

MWRLife / $ 178.97 a one time registration and a $ 39.97 monthly subscription for customers.

Your subscriptions become free from 3 sponsored people.

Me, I chose, the field of travel is really nice. In a fast growing industry, I did not want to miss out on it.

I prefer to go where I want! When I want! And with whom I want !!

I like to be FREE so go with family or friends but not with all my colleagues to work.

And you have made your choice ??

Do you take one of its two opportunities, give and share your opinion ??

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