Want success..?

Published by Ricky and Danielle Weberg — 7-11-2019 at 4:08 AM UTC

Most people truly do..

It is not that it is eluding you, it has been

here the whole time, for the taking..

This stuff is not as complicated as you may

think, it truly comes down to only a process..

No different then your job, or daily life.

Do certain things in life or in your job and you

will be successful, don't do these things and you

will not!

Marketing is no different, it is only a process,

learn it, master it, and the money will come.

When you started your job, did you know

everything right away..?

Hell no, you had no idea where even the break

room was, or how to find the bathroom..

I remember when I started a new job, the

nervousness, the awkwardness of not knowing

anyone, or where to find stuff, but after a

while, I became the old pro, and was teaching my

job to the new people coming in..

This is exactly how this stuff works online as

well, we started the same way as everyone does,

it took us a little time to learn it, but once

you do it becomes as simple as riding a bike.

And that is exactly how we have made almost a

$100,000.00 in a little over a year from NLS, we

just keep applying what we have learned, know and


You just keep peddling that bike, once it is in

motion..Want it to go faster, than pedal faster,

that is it, no less no more..

And just like learning to ride a bike, no matter how many

times you fall down, the only way to succeed,

is to get back up, and do it again, and again,

and again..

WEEEEEEEEEEE, I can ride my bike, yes, you can!!

That is how you do it my friend, and that is how

we do it, and that is how our team does it, we do

not fail, our team never fails, because we

remember how we learned to ride that bike!


Our team never loses.. Repeat after me: "It is

not over until I win!"


Ricky and Danielle Weberg

About Ricky and Danielle Weberg


I am a 27 year old female. I'm married and also mom to one amazing six year old little boy! I'm a nurse and my previous employment was in the mental healthcare field working with people going through detox and looking to better their lives by going through treatment by learning how to live their lives without drugs and working through their addictions. The company that I'm involved with is Now Lifestyle. And the reason why I like this company is that it promotes not only heath but also wealth.