FREE 75 ATS tokens worth a minimum of 10 dollars

Published by Lou Koper — 8-31-2017 at 8:45 PM UTC

With the aim of providing a platform to authors, readers, publishers and even translators where they cannot only interact, but can also offer and avail services,  Authorship is going to redefine the book industry.

Authorship recently launched ICO has already raised over $1.3M attracting over 900 investors to date. According to the formulated plan, 80% of the total 100 million ATS tokens will be sold to investors, whereas the remaining 20% are reserved for the first 100,000 authors who will register at the platform according to a predetermined schedule.

Our bounty campaign offers everyone who registers to our email list, for free, 75 ATS tokens worth a minimum of $10.

Once registered, each participant is offered an unique referral link to be shared through social accounts, forum posts/signatures, blog posts, or any other marketing method available to the participant.

For every referral that signups after accessing your link, you will receive 75 ATS tokens, both you and the visitor you referred. Shortly put: the more people you refer to our ICO, the more ATS tokens you will earn. There are no limits to the number of referrals you can send (when/if we reach the 1M tokens limits, the campaign will end and we will announce this public).

The beauty of things: all your have to do is to hand others 75 ATS tokens for Free, in order to receive back 75 ATS tokens yourself!

You are able to see live stats of the amount of tokens you earned, and you’ll receive an email notification immediately after someone registers using your link. Full transparency is extremely important to us!

All earned tokens will be distributed to all participants the moment the crowd sale is over.

Authorship aims to simplify the book publishing process by giving all the authorities to the author. When an author publishes a book at the platform, he/she enjoys all the rights and does not have to comply with the complex policies of publishers, worry about the distribution or share the major chunk of royalties with the publishing company.

In addition to helping authors getting their works published and being sold across the world, authorship will be a platform for readers, publishers and translators as well.

When it comes to getting the hard copies of books published, authorship will revolutionize the publishing industry by reversing the typical scenario where the authors have no option, but to compromise on money, as the publisher takes the most profit, to get their books published.

Rather than making authors look for a publishing company, the platform will make publishers compete among themselves to get the rights for publishing a book.

Whenever a reader will order a printed book on authorship, all the interested publishers on the platform will forward their quotes for printing the book and delivering it to the reader. This will give birth to a competitive environment where not only the publishers will be forced to come up with more realistic offers (low process), but the authors will also have the option to choose the best from a variety of publishers.

Authorship will also bring amazing opportunities for all the language experts out there. A lot of authors want their books to be translated into one or more languages so that more and more people, all over the world, can read them. However, many cannot make it happen because they have access to only a limited number of translators who usually charge high amounts of money for the work.

At Authorship, the authors will be connected to large numbers of translators all over the world, which will ensure competitive prices. The royalty from the sale of every translated book will be shared by the author and the translator automatically.

To sum up, it can easily be said that with the aim of resolving one of the biggest challenges authors face i.e. to get their books printed and distributed, to create numerous career opportunities for translators, and to connect readers with at least 100,000 authors from all over the world, Authorship is going to drastically transform the book industry.

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