My New Adventure

Published by Lou Koper — 1-14-2017 at 6:46 PM UTC


You may have seen or not seen that I began a new journey a week ago with an amazing company (Le-vel).  Not only do they have products that have filled a gap in the health in wellness industry (NOBODY has a product like THRIVE where you can actually FEEL the difference), but they are also the first on many other things!

They are the first cloud based network marketing company!  What does that mean?  They offer the opportunity to promote for FREE!  Yes, FREE!  

No sign up/join costs, no website fees, no annual renewal fees, no autoships, no required kit purchase...NOTHING!  You can literally sign up and order NOTHING...sign up a customer and you get paid!  NO JOKE!  

Because they are cloud based and don’t have the extra overhead, that $$ goes into the quality of our ingredients AND our compensation plan!   We are paid weekly...we can earn three free trips a year...we can earn a car bonus on a mid level that no one can compete with....but the best yet....they have a bonus that they offer to brand new promoters, right out of the gate!  You can literally earn over $1000 in your first two weeks in this business, paid weekly!  Again, NO JOKE!

I only want to work with people who are driven, have integrity, and a passion for serving others and I CHOOSE YOU!  I know as the company blesses you, that you will pay it forward to others and that is what life is all about! 

Sign up as a customer and let me show you what you are missing....All FREE!  You will love it!

I can’t wait to hear from you!

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Hey! It is 2017 and time to start it with a bang! There are new things for me this year and would love to see everyone do the same...start new projects, new promotions and just create new for you in 2017! Always for your success!