Most talked BTC crowdfunding program right now.

Published by balkrishna poudel — 10-11-2018 at 3:48 PM UTC

One time purchase of 11 bux can leverage into a
Profit potential!
Get in Fast! It is Exploding!!

Bitcoin is accepted. 

A lot of members in our team have been receiving spillover.  

As each member joins our team they are automatically placed 

under the next member in the Team Matrix that does not yet 

have 2 people in their matrix.  We are building 2 under 2.

Our team is growing fast!

Hedgefinity uses a small 2 wide matrix for the rankings.  

You automatically advance to the next rank in a fully 

automated system.  You can withdraw your earnings 


Your level can fill from spillovers.

You can very easily bring in new members to this 

small cost opportunity.

$11 locks you into Challenger. 


I look forward to working with you,

 each new member joins and
pays their fee they are placed in the next position in 
our team matrix. This ends up placing 2 under 2.

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