Want 1,000 GUARANTEED Subscribers?

Published by Trevor Vernon — 12-29-2018 at 10:17 AM UTC

Hi there,

We all know the money's in the list,

...but wyd if you don't have a list??

Trying to build one can be painful.

What if you skipped the entire "list building" process and had 1,000 targeted subscribers ready for you to start mailing right off the bat?

No squeeze page, no website or offer, no running ads, no social media, no solo ads, no doing freaking NOTHING but sending emails and collecting commissions.

I cut an exclusive, must see deal just for you.

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This is truly a unique offer.

We are going to add your autoresponder details into Mike's system.

He then runs targeted traffic to his tested system which essentially rotates your opt-in form (that you never create) and collects real hot opt-in subscribers while you eat lunch.

The subscribers go directly onto your list.

You can either setup a drip sequence (he includes 50 prewritten emails) and let it drip to your subscribers 24/7 while you go about your day...

...or you can even start broadcasting them about live launches going or whatever you want.

They are your subscribers.

Here's the beautiful part, the price.

Initially Mike was only offering 250 subscribers, I told him I didn't think it was enough and asked him to give my subscribers 1,000 subs.

He agreed and at a crazy price.

Here's the thing to keep in mind...

If you bought a solo ad or FB ads, etc,

You'll pay .50 cents or more on a solo ad per CLICK. So if you want 1,000 subscribers with solo ads you'd have to buy around 2,500 clicks and cross your fingers 40% will opt-in otherwise you'll need more.

.50 per click x 2,500 clicks is $1,250.


Compare that to Mike guarnteeing you 1,000 subscribers (not clicks) for nowhere near that, not even close.

And these are not any old subscribers.

In fact, if any of them unsubscribe, Mike will replace them for free! Crazy.

Click here to see all the details. 

All the best,



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