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Heeeey! This is Nichole Bair... Momma on a mission to freeing my family financially by building an online income and documenting what works along the way. I have noticed a HUGE void in the market for people who have a low & inconsistent budget to start making money online... Why? Because that was me! I have been told by many gurus NOT to help this part of the market. That they have no money to pay me so it would be a waste of time. BUT I deeply connect with people who bust their ass, trying to set themselves and their families free... only to be thrown off track by all the crap in this industry. So instead, I have created the Family Freedom Formula Membership. This is a FREE membership guiding you, step by step, on how to scale up a low & inconsistent budget to financial freedom. Check it out and let me know if there is any other way I can help you! >><< Send Me a Message On FB Follow Me On Youtube

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Online Marketing Guru BullS$%!

Published on 7-15-2018 at 6:12 AM UTC by Nichole Bair

Seriously... everyone is a marketing "Guru" online nowadays right? PSHHHH...

No, I’m not a marketing guru, here to tell you I’ve made thousands or millions online.

I’m just a regular momma who was forced to stay home and care for my children because daycare costs are so dayu... (continue reading →)