A Welcome Letter to our New Partners

Published by Anthony Stewart — 3-25-2018 at 9:02 PM UTC

I wanted to welcome all the new WorldProfit Associates. 

Most of you are wondering what WorldProfit is all about.  Well, the answer is very simple.  WorldProfit is a TEACHING COMPANY.  

  • WorldProfit is not an MLM
  • It is not a quick cash program. 
  • This is no flash-in-the-pan get rich quick program

It IS Slow and Steady.  You are building a business.  It takes time, money, and hard work.

  • If you are looking for a quick solution to your money problems, WorldProfit is not for you
  • If you are looking for a done-for-you program that you simply sit back and collect $100 bills, WorldProfit is not for you
  • If you are looking for a free ride, while there are many things included in your Silver membership, WorldProfit is not free.

WorldProfit has been online helping people like you and me LEARN how to make money on the internet for over 23 years. WorldProfit was online BEFORE Google and eBay.  WorldProfit has over 2.1 Million members.  No internet business could survive this long, and have this many members if they were not doing something right.

Some of you are skeptical.   Look at the brag board on the right margin of your WorldProfit associate screen.  These people ALL started as free associates like you, and have followed the training TO THE LETTER.  They promote EVERY DAY.  Many volunteer as Monitors in the Live Business Center.  They are all successful.

What exactly is WorldProfit Bootcamp Training teaching you?

  • Fundamentals
  • How to build your list.  Without a list, you cannot be successful in network marketing.  Period.
  • How to promote the products and services from WorldProfit using LANDING PAGES that help you build your list
  • How to use the done-for-you promotions, again with the end goal of building your list
  • How to sign up for traffic sources: safelists, traffic exchanges, social media, paid traffic
  • Where to go for information about WorldProfit products and services and how to use and promote them

What is the big deal about THE LIST?

You do not sell PRODUCTS on safelists and traffic exchanges.  Nobody is actually looking at your ads - most of them see your promotions only as long as necessary to get points so they can send emails themselves.   By promoting landing pages, you capture their email and name before they even get to see the offer you are making.  They will get their points for opening the message, but you have also gotten their contact information and capture that in your PROSPECT MANANGER or autoresponder.

Once you get people  on your list, just as you have joined MY list as a free associate, you can THEN and ONLY THEN present your subscribers with offers of products and services.   Where products and services could be the reason someone signs up for your list, that is  simply the point of attraction, but you also want to provide your subscribers with newsletters,  information, freebies, education, tips, and OCCASIONAL solitations.  You want to keep them interested, and have them convert from LEADS or PROSPECTS to CUSTOMERS!

We LOVE Associates

We LOVE Associates.  Why?  When your associates upgrade, you get commissions.  When your associates buy ebooks, educational materials, join other projects or become part of your downline in safelists and traffic exchanges, you get rewards which can be points, or CASH.  This is ALL TAUGHT in the Bootcamp Training starting with DAY ONE.

Associates can sell SOME GREAT packages and earn 5% Commissions.  You would not have the privileges of Paid members, but if you can promote the following packages found in Ad Examples (Top of screen blue menu bar):

  • Affiliate Link Blaster - 1 year of Sponsor Ad traffic retails for $97 - YOUR COMMISSION $4.85
  • Gold Banner Rotator - 5 banners for 1 year  for $47 - YOUR COMMISSION $2.35
  • Sapphire Solor Rotator - 5 solos for 1 year  for $47 - YOUR COMMISSION $2.35
  • Traffic Blaster Pack for 365 days $39 - YOUR COMMISSION $1.95
  • Ruby Solos - Solo Ads to 5 for $37 - YOUR COMMISSION $1.85
  • Diamond URL Rotator - 5 URLs for 1 year - YOUR COMMISSION $1.85

You say, "Only 5%"?  Do you realize that Amazon affiliates only earn 4%?

Work with me to get you set up with an autoresponder, and some key affiliate programs and WorldProfit products above, and you could be on your way to earning so you can afford the Silver member upgrade!


What Else Does WorldProfit Do For Its Paid Members?

Here is something that WorldProfit does for you, as a paid member, that you may not know.   The Live Business Center is there to CLOSE SALES FOR YOU 24/7/365.  What sales are we talking about?  Having people join as free associates, and then upgrade to either Silver or Platinum VIP PAID members.  

Something else WorldProfit does on behalf of every paid member:  They send out newsletters which contain information and offers ON YOUR BEHALF to your associates EVERY DAY.  They do this so YOU can focus on your primary business, which is what?  BUILDING YOUR LIST.   The more new associates you bring in, the more eyes that are on your newsletter, products and services that pay REAL commissions.  When they upgrade, you get MONTHLY COMMISSIONS.

What else does WorldProfit Have for Me?

You have hundreds of eBooks and training courses, PLR and MRR, available to you to USE and also for you to SELL.   Clickbank products - a selection of the best selling, most popular, and highest commission.  You can install CBPress on your website to help market ClickBankproducts.  As an upgraded member, you get a free 50,000 product Amazon.com store installed on YOUR WEBSITE and if you want, you can have an eBay store installed.  Free.  


What about the WorldProfit Live Business Center?

What you witness in the Live Business Center is only one dimension to force people to either consider their own station in life, and believe that WorldProfit can provide the means to allow you to accomplish their goals.   We have seen many going off to persue other " bright and shiny objects", only to come back to WorldProfit where they are encouraged to UNLEARN what was taught in these other projects, and follow the training.  When they do that, they succeed. 

By the way, I do have a way for you to uprade to a Silver member without ever having to personally interact with the Live Business Center.  Once you become a paid member, unless you volunteer as a monitor (it has its rewards), you never have to deal with Live Business Center again.  You can upgrade RIGHT HERE.

Internet Marketing would be MUCH better if the “snake oil salesmen” actually used the products they were hawking, and could TALK FROM EXPERIENCE. Once you get to that point, no scripting is necessary.

As always, please feel free to contact me with questions, if you want a demo, or are curious about other resources I can share with you. 


My contact info:

Tony Stewart



Call or EMail.


1-770-653-6987 m-f 8am-5pm EDT

Email: CoachTonyStewart@gmail.com


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