Your List: Build it! Post It! Let it Make you Sales!

Published by Anthony Stewart — 1-21-2018 at 7:25 AM UTC

Your Silver or Platinum Package includes a Newsletter this is just one critical component to your online success. Your package also includes a Prospect Manager for organizing your leads, and the option of  emailing them as a group.  Read on, you won't want to miss this this business building strategy.  We also include ways for you to build your own EXTERNAL lists like Aweber and Get Response by including optins on ALL the landing pages we provide to you.  

Making sales can be as simple as posting an offer and products to your list! 

The value of your list is that you can promote to it ANYTHING you like. You can promote Worldprofit services, your own affiliate programs, the Resellers Products. You will certainly want to promote ClickBank products AND the Money Maker Products too! This is why having a good list, and continuing to build that list is so very important to your online business. Some people will be interested in Worldprofit, some will not, some may simply want to buy one (or more) of the Reseller products. Some will be interested in buying the ClickBank products. When people sign up as Associates you have more leads and get more exposure. The more Associates you have the more potential buyers you have of ALL your inventory of available products and services.

What we have tried to offer at Worldprofit is LOTS of ways for you to promote, and LOTS of things to promote so you can maximize your streams of income. Essentially you have more goodies to offer all different kinds of buyers, With the new ClickBank Promo Kit and the Money Makers Promo Kit, that is included in the Silver and Platinum packages, promoting those products just got a lot easier. With a click of your mouse, you can promote these products to your newsletter, or to your Prospect manager list. You get promotional materials included, If you have not seed this yet, login to your Member area and click on CLICKBANK store to see the Promo Kit. Then look at the MONEY MAKERS PROMO kit too.   Remember you are earning 100% of any sales you generate from ClickBank or the Money Makers Kit. The Worldprofit tools, training, software and resources are all for the purpose of helping you sell online and build your business.

The bigger your list, the bigger your reach and sales potential! If you wish to build your list larger, Worldprofit offers Subscribers credits, details on this are in your Member area, left menu, under the "Newsletter" section.  

to apply for a free associate account and home based business info ... CLICK HERE! 

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