How to get your own Private Label Resale Store!

Published by Anthony Stewart — 12-29-2017 at 10:06 PM UTC

That's right! Get your own Private Label Resale Store (PLR) right on YOUR website!
Digital products with Master Resale rights are some of hottest selling products.
No shipping is required. Your customers get their order quickly! You get paid instantly!

Your Worldprofit Private Label Reseller Store comes with...

-28 digital products already stocked (more to come)!  
-NO installation or product set up - we do it all for you!
-Each month we will upload new products for you so your store is always current!
-Your PLR Store is at an address WITHIN your URL - every time you promote you promote YOUR SITE not some else's!
-Online ordering is already set up for you - all you need is create a PayPal and / or AlertPay account
-If you want to, you can add your OWN products for easy online ordering.
-NO monthly maintenance costs!
-Your PRL Store is ready to go when you get it!

Here's the part that will knock you over! Are you ready?

YOU KEEP 100% of the sales you make from your PLR Store.
ALL sales go directly and instantly into YOUR Paypal or Alertpay account.

All current or upgraded Platinum VIP Members get the PLR Store installed and maintained at NO COST!
We will simply add the PLR Store ready to go in your Member area, with a few clicks you will be on your way!
Silver Members who want the PLR Store, pay only an annual installation and maintenance cost of $199.95 US.
If you are a Silver Member and would like to upgrade to a Platinum VIP Membership to get the PLR Store at no cost, submit a Support form and request an upgrade quote. We will get back to you ASAP with an upgrade cost along with a list of all the other privileges, software and resources that Platinum VIP Members  enjoy. 

Compare for yourself!
Other companies charge as much as $800 to set up a very basic PLR Store for you (it's on their site, not yours!) PLUS they often charged a monthly maintenance fee as much as $80 per month.
Other companies require that you then add each and every product manually, then set up the online ordering,  then you have to do the product updates each month, then maintain it as required for security and anti-fraud.
Worldprofit Members get the complete PLR Store set up, automated product updates, integrated secure online ordering, and the PLR is on YOUR website! You get the promotion benefits, and 100% of the sales, no one else.
We researched this type of system for over 4 months and found nothing out there which gave you a turn-key website prestocked with PLR products. Systems we did find with just a few products, and no updates charged over $800!!


Here's how to get your PLR Store.

Platinum VIP Members: You get this incredible plug in at NO Cost EVER!
Login and go the the left menu under "Money Makers". Watch the video first so you understand the system and go from there. Install takes about 5 seconds....

Silver Members: You can upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership to get the PLR Store at NO COST.  If you would like to get a quote to upgrade to Platinum VIP Membership please fill out a support form. Top menu under "Support".
Or if you don't want to upgrade, you can purchase the PRL store from the Member area. On left menu select  "Money Makers" - Mega PLR Store. 

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