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Generate Extra Income Working From Home


The key is cutting-edge instruction.
 The Worldprofit Millionaire Bootcamp gives
 it to you free!

     By Dr. Jeffrey Lant

 Millions of people worldwide love the idea of

 working online at home. It sounds great avoiding

 the 9-to-5 rat race, the daily stress of commuting,

 not to mention the boss!

 Problem is, the overwhelming majority of people

 working at home have never had even an hour's

 instruction about what to do and how to do it

 to get the success they want. Net result: mass failure.

 Now Worldprofit, Inc., well known as the inventor

 of key Internet business tools since 1993, has

 taken up the challenge of helping home business

 professionals, including business opportunity

 seekers and network marketers, learn what they

 need to do to profit online -- and then make sure

 they do it right!

 Worldprofit has created the Millionaire Bootcamp,

 the Internet's first detailed hands-on, individualized,

 interactive training course dedicated to making

 sure participants know exactly what to do to make

 at least $100,000 every year online.

 The course, developed by Worldprofit Co-Founder

 and self-made Internet millionaire George Kosch,

 Chief Technology Officer, offers a scientific

 approach to the business of building a profitable

 online business.

 Kosch has identified 7 key steps that all

 successful business people online must master.

 First he instructs participants in what they

 are. Then, working with them individually in

 both live and recorded presentations, he

 oversees their progress, advancing them through

 the course as their success warrants.

 Because the course is offered via webcasting,

 people worldwide can participate right from

 the comfort of home or office.

 Participation In The Millionaire Bootcamp Is

 Free For a Limited Time.

 The folks at Worldprofit have been concerned

 for some time about the mass failure of home

 business professionals. A recent survey of

 29,000 such professionals attempting to create

 online home businesses discovered that

 fully 26,000 of them failed -- a staggering

 failure rate.

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