Open Letter to Our Members

Published by Anthony Stewart — 9-28-2017 at 9:17 AM UTC

Hello Friend and Business Owner,

Marketing on the Internet IS the world's easiest way

to get filthy, stinking rich!

Unfortunately, it's also the world's easiest way to go

BROKE. (As you're probably finding out already!)

Listen up, ol' buddy--- My name is Tony Stewart.

You can email me at

You can contact me via phone on (770)-653-6987.

I'm willing to bet my best mule and a new plow that

you're going through what I did not so long ago. Tell

me if I'm wrong---

---You're spending hours and hours a day trying to get

a high ranking in search engines, posting ads to FFA

sites and classified ad sites, using hit exchanges,

buying (so-called) guaranteed hits, and a million

other supposedly sure-fire ways to get prospects to

your website. You KNOW you have a great-looking

website and a great product, but all your blood,

sweat, and tears produce ZERO income.

Are you FINALLY tired of all the hype and lies?

GOOD! Then, at last, you're ready to find out what

REALLY works on the Internet.

You're ready for the TRUTH---

+++ The TRUTH is - You can do all of your marketing

in less than half an hour - ONCE a day!

+++ The TRUTH is - You can get good, quality prospects

to your website, IF you know the techniques that the

professionals use to generate thousands of leads a


+++ The TRUTH is - You can produce MULTIPLE

streams of residual income in less time than it currently

takes you to promote just ONE program!

Sounds good, doesnt it? But there's a catch, my

friend. If you REALLY want to stop running in circles

and stop draining your time and wallet, you must be

prepared to change your way of thinking completely!

Are YOU up for it?

You are? Excellent! Then grab a cup of coffee, sit

back, and take a look at the website below, I will

give you a free list building website for your time.

Yes, marketing on the Internet CAN be the world's

easiest way to build a thriving business of your OWN!

Ya just gotta know the TRUTH!

Anthony (Tony) Stewart

About Anthony Stewart


Hello, my name is Tony Stewart. I am married and have two wonderful children and a dog. I have been marketing online since 1999 and been involved in the network marketing industry since 1988. Over the past 25 or so years I have invested a vast amount of time and money in my business education. My expertise is in creating an online presence for fun and profit. I really enjoy teaching others and of course making money. My passion is in precious metals, namely silver and gold. I am a collector of coins, military artifacts, and police related items. I would love to get to know you and work together to bring about our dreams and aspirations. I strongly believe in "paying back" for the great life I live due to my business and the business of others. If you have the same or similar interests let's connect and work together. You can investigate one of the programs I promote by visiting the links below, claim your free visitors to a website of your choice and let's create something beautiful! Thank you for visiting, hope to hear from you soon! Tony Stewart 770-653-6987