How To Get More Sign Ups

Published by Anthony Stewart — 9-18-2017 at 3:59 PM UTC

We often receive emails from members who are wondering why they aren't getting any signups for their opportunity, lead capture offers, mailers, or traffic exchanges.

The answer is ALWAYS one of these:


1. Sending traffic from low-converting sites, or 

2. Promoting a page which doesn't offer enough benefit to signup, or 

3. Sending too little traffic 


If you are sending enough traffic from high-converting sources to a compelling offer, you will have no problem getting signups. 

That is why you will often hear us say that building a list is simple, but not easy. There are only 3 factors that determine how fast your list will grow. That's simple. 

If your list is not building quickly, then 1 of these 3 things is your "bottleneck". You have to find the bottleneck and eliminate it. 

Of course, the part that makes it "not easy" is that it is hard to get the numbers to tell you what traffic is high quality and what pages are converting. This requires tracking systems to track conversions and then testing lots of traffic sources to figure out which ones work. Not easy ... especially if you are just getting started. 

When you use our sites as your high-converting offer to build your list, we provide all the professional tracking for you. You can see where your traffic is coming from and what sources are generating the most signups. You can use that information to determine where to spend your time and money. 

You also get to find out what is working for everyone else too. You don't have to try hundreds of traffic sources to find which ones are working. We collect data from all the member's promotions and share it with you. On the Best Converting Sites list, you see what sites are sending traffic that leads to signups. Focus on maximizing traffic from those sites, and you WILL get signups and subscribers. 

This isn't rocket science and anyone can do it, if they have the  tools and they use them. 

Your success in list building is up to you. Follow the system ... get results.

We have been in business for over 23 years, we know what works.  Visit this site for more information! 

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