How to Use Internet Tools In Your Marketing

Published by Anthony Stewart — 9-15-2017 at 8:56 PM UTC

If you are not a member of WorldProfit, you are missing out on key information you need to run your online business, but also some great business opportunities that are included in your membership. Personally, I am a Platinum VIP Member of WorldProfit (the highest paid membership position). These are some of the tools I use in my business.

Information You Need

Before I get into the tools (my favorite topics) you need to understand the importance of information, specifically, how many clicks you have for each URL that you have published. By using the WorldProfit URL cloaker, you automatically get tracking of not only clicks on that URL, but using the Ad Tracker, where those clicks are coming from for each specific product or program you are promoting.  I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY TRACK EVERY URL I PUBLISH!!!

Make Any Webpage a Capture Page

Worldprofit Magic List Builder allows you to define a popup, popover, or popunder to present an offer, and capture sign-up information on any webpage.  An additional bonus is that every time your URL is clicked, you get to record the tracking, and also use Ad Tracker to trace where your traffic is coming from.

Home Page

WorldProfit creates a wonderful webpage for you, with the opportunity to post all of your offers, all of the initiatives you promote, and even a section you can define yourself.  This is your lead capture page, and has the same root as used in all your cloaking (ie.  mine is  So many features build into this page!

PLR Store

As a Silver member, I not only have access to these PLR materials for personal use, but with the Worldprofit PLR Store installed, they are all available for sale on  my website.


A great opportunity to send newsletters or offers to your downlines.

20+ Traffic Streams

Nice feature: send ads to 50+ traffic streams.  If you are a member of any or all of these safelists or traffic exchanges, your email will be distributed to each if you have mailing credits.  If you get any signups, they are credited to your affiliate ID.ClickBank Promo Kit

Thousands of products available for you to promote.

Lead Funnel

Just another avenue to capture affiliate profits if a visitor to your website clicks on a link or accepts an offer.

Promo Bots

This is amazing.  Creates iMacro scripts for automated entry of ad copy, SEO submissions, Backlink creation.  Works with FireFox


An inexpensive utility that works with Firefox.  Reads up to 150 emails at a time to capture the credits.  When you are reading so many emails on your list ID's, this is a way to keep up with your credits so you can then get a greater impact and coverage for your own email ads.  Worldprofit offers many utilities at reduced or discounted prices.

Squeeze Page Generator

For any initiative, you can now use this Wordpress plugin to create an unlimited number of squeeze pages.  This tool has many high-end features, like video, adding OTO pages, autoresponder form codes, background colors.  I've even figured out a way to capture the output as a standalone HTML page so I can break free of Wordpress, and simply address them with a cloaked URL on any server I wish.  You see, I have multiple unlimited hosting accounts.  I reserve one account for standalone squeeze pages, one for Wordpress blogs, several for eCommerce accounts.  From a backlink quality perspective, all my cross-links to my other sites come from different IP addresses.

Offer Generator

This facility allows you to define a free offer of Clickbank or PLR products, with its own capture and delivery.  You simply promote the bonus, and point the lead to the offer.

Using Marketing Tools in you business is a must! You have to stand out from the pack and automate every portion of your business that you can. Spend some time and explore WorldProfit, your business will love it!

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