8 Rules of Your Mind

Published by Anthony Stewart — 7-26-2017 at 8:48 AM UTC

Your mind is responsible for 90% of what you receive in this life.

Know your mind, keep the following rules handy and refer to them weekly.

1.  What you expect you tend to realize.

     Your mind will move in the direction of what you expect. Expect the best!

2.  Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.

     If you believe you can achieve, you can. Believe in yourself!

3.  Every thought or emotion has a psychosomatic reaction. 

     Don't worry. Worry thought can give you ulcers!

4.  An idea programmed into the self conscious mind will remain there until replaced with another idea or thought.

     Keep repeating your great ideas. They will manifest!

5.  The less the conscious effort the more the self conscious mind will respond.

     Allow your self conscious mind to work. Don't clutter it with conscious effort!

6.  Every suggestion accepted allows greater acceptance of these suggestions.

     Small commitments lead to large results. Get 10% better each day!

7.  Your body will produce what your mind believes.

     Focus on something long enough and it will happen. Be careful what you believe!

8.  The mind moves in the direction of your dominate thoughts.

     Be careful what you wish for!

Although these ideas are simple, they are proven. Take care of your thoughts, live the

life you create.

Thank you for reading, 


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