People are paying over $6000 for Training that Worldprofit gives our Members FREE!

Published by Anthony Stewart — 6-2-2017 at 1:21 PM UTC

Today I saw an advertisement for a University offering an 8 week course to become a Internet Marketing Expert. The cost a whopping $6,000.00!    Worldprofit Silver and Platinum Members get Worldprofit's Bootcamp Training FREE with their membership and on graduation you are a Worldprofit Certified E-Business Consultant (CEC)!  That's right we are training our members to be online marketing experts!   We don't charge you one extra dime for this training.  Our training is taught by real people with real hands on working knowledge (15+ years of experience) of what works and what doesn't work when it comes to marketing and succeeding online.

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The Worldprofit Bootcamp Training provides you with:

-LIVE weekly interactive training sessions with George Kosch who is himself an Internet Marketing expert! George tests the strategies, the advertising campaigns, and the tools we share with you. He himself is doing every day what he teaches you to do so YOU can be an Internet Marketing expert. The Internet changes daily and George and the Worldprofit Team are constantly working on your behalf to deliver to you the up-to-date skills, the knowledge, the tools and the training you need to successfully build and market your home based business.  

-24 hour access to video training, watch at your own convenience wherever you are in the world  

-A Report Card so you can check your progress and see the areas in which you need to concentrate

-Access to the sites, resources,  safelists, and traffic exchanges we use to generate leads including LIVE stats, landing pages, text ads, banner ads, and more.  

-access to weekly Dealer Training meetings with Dr. Lant

-training as a Monitor in the Worldprofit Monitor Network.

-products within the Worldprofit Resellers Club free for you to use to learn about online marketing AND to promote as another stream of income

-integration of other affiliates, products and services into the Worldprofit system so you can use our software, tools and training to promote even more and generate multiple streams of income.

-the ability to EARN while you learn!  Through or training you learn how to sell online, how to make money online, selling Worldprofit products and services OR ANY of the other products we offer you - OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU WISH TO SELL TOO!  

-Updates to our materials sometimes even daily but always as needed so you have access to the most current tools, strategies and resources  

The skills we teach you in Worldprofit's Bootcamp Training allow you to build and promote ANY online business, and sell ANY product or service.

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Here's the really sad part. Some of our Silver and Platinum Members never even take advantage of this training.  Why I am not sure. The training  is free and part of every Silver or Platinum Membership and is critical to building a successful online business.  If you have a Silver or Platinum Member membership and are not taking advantage of the free training we offer you PLEASE login now and click on the link on the left menu for the Bootcamp Training.  

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