[ISN] - 30 reasons why you should join with me.

Published by Anthony Stewart — 4-25-2017 at 3:58 PM UTC

30.  Since we all have the habit of collecting things, you're about to learn how to get paid to collect REAL money

29.  Adam DiMora is a well known authority on the sale of Numismatic Silver and gold coins, as well as a top Salesman in the world of this type of product and is one of the partners in the company

28.  Our upline has a pedigree of success in the Network Marketing industry, having recruited over 100,000 In a previous MLM opportunity

27.  Collectible coins and bullion as an MLM opportunity has NEVER been tapped into before now, which is a literal category creator in the network marketing arena with lots of upside

26.  The "flagship" MS-70 silver eagle product  is rated as "perfect"on the Sheldon's scale at 70, which is the recognized grading system for this type of product ensuring that you're marketing a product that is both valuable and beautiful

25.  Best Selling Author Robert Kiyosaki says, "cash is trash"and the only real money worth anything is "God's money"

Here's a video by Robert Kiyosaki

See Robert Kiyosaki

24.  The Home Shopping Network sells hundreds of millions of dollars in coins every year, which is in limited supply and on a timed basis.  This is the only opportunity with an UNLIMITED supply of coins with NO TIME LIMITS

23.  The numismatic coin industry by itself generates almost as much gross revenue ($110 billion) as the 4,800 companies in the network marketing industry COMBINED ($116 billion).

22. This is the ONLY MLM product that has the potential to appreciate in value simply by holding on to it over time

21.  This is the only MLM product that doesn't have to be demonstrated, presented, tried on, tasted, you don't have to do a home meeting, or otherwise convince people that they need it.

20.  The only product that rivals this product would probably be air if it were marketed as a network marketing opportunity because of its vital importance to everyone


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19.  Since 2003 the price of silver has gone from $3 to $18 per ounce; gold has gone from $300 to over $1000 per ounce -THE TIMING IS PERFECT.

18.  This is the only MLM product that doesn't turn people off because of the price or the actual product itself

17.  This is the only MLM product that have the LOWEST cancellation rate for auto-ship, if it has one at all (who cancels money being shipped to their house???)

16.  This is the only MLM product that won't anger you to have a pantry, closet or garage full of it.

15. This is the only MLM product that could legitimately appear in the asset column of your financial statement

14.  This is the only MLM product that has the potential (no guarantees) to increase your net worth, rather than decrease it like consumable goods and services

13.  This is the only MLM product that will cause a person to think twice about quitting the business, which lends to a strong down line retention rate

12.  This is the only MLM product that puts you in a position to get paid like the banks do - which is on the literal sale of money

11.  This is the only MLM product that doesn't have an expiration date or will be obsolete because of technological advances in 5 years

10.  This is the only MLM product that, as a collectible, has the potential to appreciate in value


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9.  This is the only MLM company in the numismatic coin business which means there's NO COMPETITION.

8.  This is the only MLM company who's founders have a software company that backs over 150 other MLM companies' compensation plans

7.  This is the only MLM company who's binary plan pays you on your stronger leg when every other binary comp plan doesn't (THAT'S HUGE)

6. There are under 4000 people in this company today which makes the business ridiculously attractive when considering the market and the opportunity

5.  This is one of the only MLM companies to open in international markets in under 3 months from the date of opening its doors

4.  We have the first mover's advantage in a worldwide marketplace for this product

3.  You'll have some of the of world's best internet/network marketers in your up line, which means you'll benefit from the spillover volume that they create

2.  The network marketing industry is ripe for a REAL product, with REAL market value that REAL people can be proud to market  


Need I say more?

Tony Stewart


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