4 Great Ways to Drive Ebay Traffic to Your Site

Published by Anthony Stewart — 4-13-2017 at 1:08 PM UTC

Who needs traffic?             

Everybody does.              

Traffic is the single most common concern among website owners and internet marketers, regardless of their reason for being on the internet.  But did you know that you can actually use internet giant eBay to send traffic to your site?  Yes, even eBay, which enjoys millions of traffic each day, can throw a good percentage of its visitors your way.  Here are ways you, too, can optimize your presence on eBay.

Give away something for free.  <<<Free Info>>>

If you're wondering why in the world would you give away something for free when you're trying to run a business, read on.  In the world of commerce, nothing is actually for free.  They just seem that way.  Giving away something for free now will mean a lot of returns later.  And we're not talking karma.

Use a free report or e-book and give away free advice.  Include links to your website in the document.  If you want to cash in a little bit, offer to auction your work for just 1 cent.  These acts will do a good job at exposing your site (and business) to prospective customers, who will appreciate your taking the time to give them something for free (or at least really cheap).  You get something for giving away something.

Don?t be shy about your 'About Me' page.   <<<Free Info>>>

The 'About Me' page exists for a reason and that is to give a face and an identity to people who use eBay.  If you're an eBay seller, take advantage of this free method to promote yourself and your website.  

In fact, you can even link your About Me page to your website.  Don?t worry about violating any eBay rules because they allow this.  Your visitors and customers not only get to know you, they also find out about other great offerings you have on your site.

Use eBay auctions for advertising your website.

EBay is every advertiser's paradise.  You have the platform and you have the audience.  All you have to do is tell them who you are and what you can offer.

Each time you participate in an eBay auction, you'll have to put up your ad.  When you do, always mention your site's name.  If your site's address is: http://www.mywebsitebusiness.com, simply write a sentence informing your visitors that they can view more information about the auctioned product and other similar items on MyWebsiteBusiness.com.  You don?t have to mention the full address in your eBay ad.

This short piece of information about what your visitors can find will help whet their appetites and show them you offer more.

Don?t break the communication link.

Each time you do business with a customer, always follow-up with a short, personalized e-mail.  This is a good way to let your customers and site visitors know that you appreciate their business and presence.  

To make sure they don?t forget about your site, always include a link to your website in your signature.  You might also want to mention your site and some of your other products or features that your recipient may be interested in.

Driving traffic to your site from eBay

EBay is a massive opportunity for millions of online entrepreneurs.  In fact, it has launched many of today's home-based businesses and online ventures.  Find out more about the ways you can monetize your eBay presence through 'EBay Traffic' from the Barking Videos series.  The specific steps toward making your eBay venture a success are presented in this video.  You'll also find plenty of trade secrets from experienced eBay entrepreneurs here, along with tips on how to drive strong traffic to your website and grow your business.

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