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Published by Eduardo Ferreira — 12-7-2017 at 10:51 PM UTC


 I have tested this site in the last month, and in the last month without upgrade my account i be able to withdraw the minimum amount ($10). 

This site is so amazing, and so profitable!

I will upgrade my account 1 month with silver upgrade, this upgrade will cost me $25, for only 1 month, but in exchange i will receive this things: 

-> Free Referrals - Your referral url will be 5 x randomly inserted for surfers visiting the web site without a referral url. As long as you are an upgraded member

-> Monthly 1,000 PTC visitors 0.25 cent for Silver and higher members.

-> Monthly 1,000 PTC visitors 0.25 cent for all members.

-> Receive Direct 200 Shares at your payment 

-> See more shares ads and 0.1 cent and 0.25 cash ads as silver upgraded member!

Only with the shares i be able to recover my money!

-> Is the best PTC i ever seen, and i have been in this industry for more than 7 years .. 

My payment proof:

My ref link:


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