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Published by Michael Gielfeldt — 3-12-2019 at 7:03 PM UTC

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Full disclosure: I am both a Lifetime and Monthly Pro Upgraded member in CashJuice. If there was a higher level, I would probably go for it!

Here's a quick review of exactly what you get when upgrading with CashJuice. As new features and benefits are added, I will keep you posted. Stay tuned!...

Free CashJuice Members

  • Maximum Posts Per Day: 3
  • Post Rotator Campaigns: 1
  • Maximum Members You Can Follow: 200 (so choose wisely - I recommend to start with at least the top 50 league leaders.)

Lifetime Upgrade

$29.50 (One-time) *Highly Recommended

  • Maximum Posts Per Day: 10
  • Post Rotator Campaigns: 5
  • Maximum Members You Can Follow: 500


  • Target Your Post Rotator Campaigns by Country (currently available for the US, UK, and Australia.)
  • Double Followers

Pro Upgrade Boost

4.95 First Month (Then 19.99/Mo.)

  • Maximum Posts Per Day: UNLIMITED
  • Post Rotator Campaigns: UNLIMITED
  • Maximum Members You Can Follow: 1000
  • Target Your Post Rotator Campaigns by Country
  • Double Followers


  • Auto Message Your Referrals (Automatically send your new referrals a brief welcome message.)
  • Auto Message Your Followers (Coming soon...)
  • Free Referrals (Some CashJuice members signup without a referral. These are randomly passed along to Pro members.)
  • Guaranteed Referral Link Hits: 500/Month (Free advertising!)
  • Detailed Stats (Where are your referrals coming from?...Find out with this tool.)

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You can stay a free member or upgrade at any time!

There is a 56 Day Money Back Guaranteed on Any Upgrade

Commissions are earned in two ways:

  • from Your Referral Upgrades and
  • from your Activity on the site (more details to come...).

All the best to your success!

Let's connect on CashJuice!


**Originally published November 20th, 2018 on IBOToolBox.

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