Action Or Inaction

Published by Sten Thomas — 1-27-2017 at 11:17 PM UTC

Inaction is a state of not doing anything, motionless and we can even say ,life less.

  Action on the other hand, is a state of activity, a state of doing or motion.


 So then as a business owner or promising business owner, which state do you prefer?

 Inactivity or action? First though, we must recognize that, a motionless state is unhealthy. It can be detrimental to your health, your future and even relationships. If you are not doing something about something  that you feel is of vital importance to you, you are bound to be affected negatively. Is this not a true statement?


 So let us again revisit the question, which state do we prefer? But before we can attempt to answer this question, let  us take a learning lesson from nature.If we look at the plant, animal, and insect life, which state are they in? Inactivity or activity? Without any hesitation, you would say that they are in a state of motion, activity.They have to be in such a state, because their survival depends on their activity. They have to look for water to drink, with plants ,they have to manufacture their food, and insects and animals have to look for food. So it is constant movement in nature. So can we learn a valuable lesson?


 Sadly though, the way we live our lives or lead our lives, clearly shows that, we are in a state of inactivity.Allow me please to explain what I mean.


 We have made the decision that we have to provide for our self and families,we want to give them the best that they deserve, and have even decided on the vehicle we are going to use, to help us realize that noble goal,business online. We joined  online programs, with the hope of success. The first few weeks or months, we are motivated, enthusiastic and active.Yes, we are busy doing things that show activity, logging in and promoting our business. But something happens, something that should never be allowed to happen, we move from a state of activity, to a state of inactivity. We stop learning, we stop promoting and we even stop logging in.


 Really though how can you succeed, or how can you realize those cherish dreams, if you are not active? You have to be active to succeed. Go back to nature.The plants,insects and animals are  active, they are always looking and always searching. Do the same with your online business. Be active. Keep learning, and keep promoting. Keep doing something, even if it means doing little things, do them on a daily basis, by so doing your business will grow, and you will finally realize your cherished dreams. Inactivity can cause one to fail, but activity can bring success.So do not follow the  example of the thousands who drift into inactivity, but follow the fine example of nature always active and always busy.

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