The value of setting goals.

Published by Sten Thomas — 1-27-2017 at 11:18 PM UTC

There are many ingredients to success. All of these ingredients, are very essential, for the success of a business.However, one ingredient that I feel is so vital for success, is having goals. Hence, we will devote much of this discussion, on goals.

 Why must we have goals? To answer this question, let  me draw your attention to  nature,  particularly, a tiny and lowly insect called the ants. If you take the time to observe the ants, what do you see? You see tiny creatures, that are focused, organized, diligently working hard, carrying and storing food items.Their being organized,focused and storing food for a later day, demonstrates a degree of planning wont you agree? Hence, we could safely say that some goal setting is involved, though instinctively.

 So what is the point?  The point is, if a tiny and simple life in nature, can instinctively have a measure of goal, should this not more so impress upon us,  humans, the more intelligent of creation, to have goals.


 Sadly though,do you  know that the majority of humanity have no goals? Will such ones succeed in life? Hardly, they are inviting failure in life, instead of success.Let us illustrate it this way. Let us say you fill up your car with gas. Then you jump in your car, and you drive your self all over the city, doing so aimlessly or without any purpose.You see, you wont accomplish nothing positive, but a waste of your time, resources and energy. You could also be likened to a man in a boat on a big river without a paddle, drifting away. So then, there is value in having goals,in every aspect of life including ones business.


 It is therefore imperative that we have goals. It is also imperative, that we know how to set the right goals. Because, if goals are not set the proper way, that too could spell disaster for you. In view of this, know what your strengths and weaknesses are. In essence, take stock of yourself. Once you know who you are, then set your goal(s). Have these always in your minds eye.


 An effective goal is one that is realistic and attainable. So my advice then, is not only should you have goals,but make sure that they are realistic and attainable. Goals that are unrealistic can cause discouragement, and failure. Also, have specific goals, instead of general. You see, a goal that is specific is easy to measure, and receive feed back. From time to time it is good to review your goals, to see how you are doing. This is good to do,because it will help you  to adjust and adapt.It is also vital that one has short term goals and long term goals. By achieving your short term goals, you will be working to achieve your long term goals. It takes effort, it takes work, and it takes discipline.What it also takes is planning.Having goals will force you   to plan.


 So we now see  the value of having goals? We learned from nature, how hard working, organized, focused and purposeful  the tiny ants are. Having goals can do similar wonders for us. It can motivate us, it can help one to be persistent, to be focused, to be disciplined, to plan effectively, to know oneself and to be successful. So have goals, because without goals,one can drift aimlessly  and  purposelessly. Majority of humanity are failing, because they have no goals. You can succeed if you have a goal in place, and diligently  work to the attainment of your goal(s).

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