What Are Autoresponders? - Why Should I Use Them?

Published by Stephane Boudreault — 11-10-2018 at 2:56 PM UTC

The very first thing I recommend very quickly when someone asks about online marketing advice is an autoresponder.

What Are Autoresponders?

Autoresponders are emails/newsletters that are sent automatically to your mailing list of subscribers at intervals that you set – for example, you could create one to be sent right away after someone opts into your list. They would receive a welcome message. So many days later they would receive a promotion about your business and so on.

Why Do I Need An Autoresponder?

When using autoresponders, a huge amount of your email marketing gets automated if you set things up correctly. Your subscribers receive certain important messages from what ever opportunity you’re promoting without you having to worry about sending those messages out manually. The main benefit of autoresponders is very clear: they save you time – a ton of it.

Which Autoresponder Service Should I Use?

We have tested a few we’d probably suggest trying out 
All In One Profits if you need an advanced autoresponder functionality (it arguably offers the most comprehensive range of options and low cost if your on a budget.) Aweber would be a second choice it offers some great functionalities as well.

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