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Published by Harry J.D. Tate — 12-28-2019 at 11:54 PM UTC

Hello to you all, 

I'm Harry J.D. Tate and I'm bringing my life and times to Leased Ad Space in the titled form: 'Business Is Life.' 😉

I have worked in offline and online business since 2005. Over the years i believe I've been involved in one thing or another 😄 and have developed a wide array of experience across advertising, marketing, trading, social media, and more. 

All this experience and knowledge taught me a few things like right and wrong and what to engage with and not. This all culminated to my beginning my overall business Promote N Profit. 

Within this i created Amateur 2 Pro of which the purpose is to have a guiding place for everyone to be able to learn and earn and prosper in whatever they do. 

Amateur 2 Pro is just that, a space where people go from Amateur 2 Pro with their online business, advertising, marketing, direction, income and more.
Through transparent, proven & profitable ventures, A2P's purpose is to guide towards more stable & secure means of creating and attaining success for you and your teams. 

In focusing on more specific goals, Amateur 2 Pro is presently split in 2. 2 Way Ads and 2 Way Trading.

Overall for any aspect of your business, income, marketing, cash flow, advertising and so much more. Amateur 2 Pro is the resource. 

So, my 'business is life' blog here is simply to explore every possible aspect of just that and I hope to bring some special and exponential value to you here from now into the future. 

Harry J.D. 

About Harry J.D. Tate


Hey guys, i believe people get to know me best by following me, seeing what i do and how i do it. I founded Amateur 2 Pro in 2018 and everything i do across incentivised social media & Advertising, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency and retail is to bring achievement to all those who simply haven't cracked it in online business yet.