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Published by Miguel Rodrigues — 3-5-2017 at 3:22 AM UTC

MyPayingAds is in the niche of the so-called

Revenue Sharing Advertising Companies!

These type of companies basically appeared around



I'm not sure If it was the first one but for sure

one of the first was called "AdHitprofits", from the very

well-known owner Charles Scoville, who later on

developed the enormous Revshare Company called

"TrafficMonsoon" (we all know what Paypal did to

TM - they're hitting every online making money

business... even Clixsense was hit a few days ago).

The purpose of these Companies, at least the legit ones

(yeah, unfortunately there are many out there that just

come to surface to make a quick buck, taking advantage

of so many people), is for people to buy Traffic to their

affiliate offers, to their programs, to their blogs, to their


But with a huge added bonus that they share part of

the revenue from all the sales of the company made

in a 24hour period with their affiliates.

This gives people several ways to start earning some

good cash online, either through promoting their offers,

and also through viewing other members websites inside

the Traffic Exchange.

The task at hand in most of the revenue share platforms

depends, but it can vary from watching 5 ads for 10 seconds

each or usually up to 10 ads for 20 seconds each.

MyPayingAds in this case, fits in this last example,

where people have to view/surf 10 advertisements for a

period of 20 seconds each. After that you are qualified

to receive part of the revenues of the company in a 24 hour


Some of them share their revenus every 30 minutes, but I

believe in most cases this happens every 24hours.

Here are my latest results on MPA, a screenshot I took of my

backoffice, showing all earnings, comissions and all that




I'm having these results in around 4 months, since the time

I purchased more adpacks, after the problem with Paypal

freezing their accounts back in December of 2015!

MyPayingAds as been online for nearly 2 years and paying

their affiliates without fail! 

This is a proof that there are businesses out there that can truly

make a difference on the Internet space!


Everyone Needs Traffic and MPA gives you that and an extra

revenue stream, either for you to buy more traffic for your 

other businesses or to start withdrawing some really nice

checks every single day!


Miguel Rodrigues


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