Believe in Yourself!

Published by Miguel Rodrigues — 3-5-2017 at 3:19 AM UTC


Life Motivational Quote

"Believe when others doubt, work when others refuse, save when others waste, stay when others quit and you will win when others lose."


If you don't believe in Yourself, others won't do it for You!

Be a firm believer in your qualities, in your actions, in the

person You are!


If others don't work, don't let that Stop You! Keep on giving 

your best, even at the hardest times! That will produce

results, be certain of it!


If you see other people wasting too much on everyday's

regular stuff, try to avoid that.

Save when others think that is not a good way to balance

life! If you want to give a boost to your online business,

don't go out so much, don't go the the cinema so often, 

and invest that money in your business.


Don't be a quiter, Be a Stayer! Stay even If you find troubled

waters. Calm and clear waters never made people evolve, 

grow their businesses and their life!

Be Persistent, DOn't Procrastinate!

If you keep focus, either in life and in business you'll

achieve the goals you proposed to yourself!


Be the Best You Can Be and never look back!

Take the Front Seat, Grab First Gear and Go All The 

Way, You will not regret it!


Miguel Rodrigues


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