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Published by Miguel Rodrigues — 12-4-2018 at 1:02 AM UTC

Cashback Marketing (CBM) is first and 

foremost, THE way to advertise within 

the SafeZone open network, as well 

as it is offering marketing options 

for every level of interest—even a 

marketing newbie. 

Just like all marketing establishments, 

advertisers and marketers must deposit marketing 

budget to use any Marketing Instruments, 

like banners and more, marketing budget 

is deposited in CBM in US$30 increments 

called Marketing Units, which have an 

added feature in the form of daily cashback 

on unused marketing budget. This is our 

way of saying “thank you” for being our customer.



As an ERC20 utility token, each Marketing Unit 

is now using smart-contract Blockchain 

features for even more value, flexibility, 

and transparency. Marketing Units are now 

limited to 1,000,000 units in 2 types: 

500,000 are able to be purchased with 

TWNKL/YEM (trading symbol will be CBMT

and 500,000 are able to be purchased with 

fiat currency like USD (trading symbol will 

be CBMD). The sales of these units are 

unlimited on a first-come, first-served basis. 


How does the cashback work?

Since 2016, cashback has been offered at 

a fixed rate of 0.13% for 365 days with 

a 2.5% bonus, making the maximum 

cashback on each unit up to 50%. There 

will be no change here. 

What will change is there will be no need 

for the Marketing Units to remain in a 

special pool (formerly known as the 

Global Marketing Pool), and as long 

as the Marketing Units are in your 

Personal Marketing Pool (PMP), they are 

able to collect cashback.


Now let me be clear. Since the opening 

of CBM in 2016, there are still Marketing Units 

that have been purchased at various times 

and they will be integrated with these updated 

features as well. So what I am talking about 

here will apply to all units. 

The previous rules for the older Marketing Units, 

do not apply and have changed.       

So this streamlines the steps needed when 

you want to use your marketing budget for 

your marketing and advertising. Cashback 

is booked to your CBM balance. Cashback on 

CBMT (TWNKL-based units) is paid in TWNKL

and cashback on CBMD 

(Fiat currency-based units) is paid in USD

(Note: Unicorn Network, Inc. And Cashback 

Marketing Ltd. reserve all rights and especially

 the right to strictly limit cashback at a later date 

or employ other methods to prevent and stop 

cheating and fraud anytime, without notice.) 


Miguel Rodrigues



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