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I was first introduced to this MLM/Home Based Business industry in the 80's just after I graduated as a Civil Engineering Technologist, and I must say I was really passionately pleased to have found this industry.

Even though I had spent a few years of hard work and study to qualify as a Technologist, deep down within me I always believed we all deserve to have the option to control our financial destiny. And I was sure being a Technologist would never offer that freedom to me, whereas with the correct MLM/Home Based Business company and a training system which was simple, effective, and easy to be duplicated by the masses, I was sure my chances were excellent.

The company I first joined is currently very successful and still growing and has grown from the Caribbean where I founded a North American company, back to North America and Europe, all because of a very simple system of duplication. A system of duplication I am now offering to all who really understand that the wealth and sustainability of any MLM/Home Based Business long-term weekly/monthly residual income , must begin with Creating the MLM Glue.

I am currently making a very decent weekly residual income by SAVING my Paper Currency into REAL Money GOLD. And this all began by opening a FREE account and moving forward...

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