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Search Engine Optimized Website Content, The Inside Scoop...

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A few years ago I wrote a series of articles for a web site about Affiliate Marketing for a nice couple named David and Margie and I'll be adding them here over a period of time. I hope you'll enjoy them and that you'll learn something new from them too. Affiliate marketing can be very profitable if you know what you're doing, if you're patient, and if you work hard at it consistently over the long term. I've learned that over a period of time it can actually replace a large portion of your "regular job" income. And yea, just how cool is that!  Whit

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What is the importance of search engine optimized content?

Wow, it's right there at the top, content always is and when it comes to the search engine you must have good and unique content. I define "good" as information that is valuable to your visitor. If you visited a site that said "welcome" followed by row upon row of advertising banners but no actual content that would be a bad site. As far as unique content think of it this way... There's aren't that many ways to slice an apple, you put the apple on the counter, get the knife, put it on the apple and push. Imagine if every web site said the same thing, boring yes, unique, no. 

So to become "unique" take that same subject and find an angle on your content such as famous people slicing apples, photo's of apple slicing machines, apple slicing and knife accidents, how to slice an apple then make 14 varieties of apple pie, how not to slice apples, slicing apples in the commercial production world, slice an apple then breakdown its chemical components. OK, well you get the point. Making another site about how to slice an apple with a knife puts you in the group of people with ho-hum content, so think outside the content box and do something unique. 

Is our site unique, no, not completely. There are many "affiliate" related sites out there where hard core guru affiliates can tweak what they're currently doing to "increase" their current income. Our site on the other hand caters mainly to the newer affiliate that possibly hasn't started in the affiliate world yet. It's also possible a majority of our visitors have recently gotten into affiliate marketing but might be doing something wrong and they aren't making the kind of money they'd like to. Many want to know "how do I get started for little to no outlay of cash" hence our areas on free hosting, free affiliate programs, free hosting etc. 

A little off track but I hope my example helps when you hear the term "good and unique" content here on our site or at anytime in the future.

Effective SEO does not have to be expensive.

Although hiring an SEO consultant or expert to evaluate your website and then report back the recommended changes will cost you, in many cases it'll be worth it, especially if you site is not listing as it should in the result pages. I'd caution you on the company you choose as there are always those that are there just to scam you. Do you really need a 16 year old in Malaysia (that built a heck of an impressive SEO website) tell you to improve your content, use better title tags, and use CSS? And this "after" you've already paid him $300 by PayPal. Research your potential company well and make sure you're going to get your money's worth.

Take a break from this SEO discussion and... check out your neighbors!
Free People Search, Free People Locator and Free People Finder.


Beyond paying for SEO, there are many other things you can do that were not mentioned above when I was talking about titles, meta's and content. Some of these are covered in our free traffic area, some of them are covered right here:

1. Link exchanges

One inexpensive SEO method is through link exchanges or linking to and from other web sites. Some link exchanges will help you as long as you realize that you should link to other sites that have similar content. The problem with some of these link trading sites is that search engines generally know that their purpose is to trade links for traffic and ratings and so they give little credit for the trades. Trading with another similar site is a better idea since it's "one on one" between two sites and is what the search engines would expect between two people having something in common, their content in this case. Each of you has recommended each other's sites to the visitors and the search engines see this as a sincere or real link trade.

2. Write or acquire key word rich articles

Hmmmmmm, isn't that what I'm doing here. Writing truly informative and keyword rich articles is one surefire way to make your Internet business more visible than ever. The search engines pick up your content, list it in the search results page and people visit you, nice. Remember one thing though, you don't want to keyword stuff your articles and turn off the search engines or you readers so make sure you don't overdo it as you write. If you don't want to write your articles you can hire many of the goods writers out there to put together a series of articles for you that you can upload to your website like we have here. You tell them how many articles, what subjects (keywords) to cover, how many words in each article and then agree on a price.

3. A Relevant Domain Name

Though you might be much more proud proclaiming to the word your names such as, it would make better business sense to choose a domain name that better describes what product or service you provide. We decided on because besides the other freebies and the affiliate information our site provides "an affiliate company list" to those looking for companies to join. So be proud of your name and include it in the upper header or on your about page, but choose your domain name carefully and with thought.

4. Site navigation for the search engines

Having graphic menu buttons that link to the pages in your site are fine and they'll work great in getting your visitor to the appropriate page. To ensure the robots can see everything you have to offer, be sure to link deep into your site from the home page if you can in a way that makes sense. You'll note from our home page we link directly to our success stories at the top of the page, to one of the articles at the middle of the page, and then to any other pages at the bottom of the page. When a robot shows it's sure to be able to find every page on the website..

5. Having a sitemap to steer the way for the robots

In the old school days a site map was primarily a single page called "Site Map" where visitors and robots could go to find all the pages within a site. To further streamline the hard coded visual site map web page, sitemaps evolved into pages of information that were not visible to the visitors but were visible to the search engines. In fact these days it's recommend you build a site map and then submit it to the search engine so it knows exactly which pages it is to go to and check out the content on. This is the free sitemap software we use here to capture our site pages before submission to Google. There is no registration required, this is not trial software and there is no "upgrade" available. You pretty much go there, get it and then use it just like we do. Lastly, to learn more about the Google sitemaps you can visit the Webmaster Central area of Google to learn more.

OK, now it's time for you to get to your own search engine optimization and start getting more visitors! 

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