BITCOINS... What are BITCOINS and What can BITCOINS do for YOU Financially Now, PLUS far Into the Future?

Published by Jasco Network — 6-24-2017 at 5:52 AM UTC

BITCOINS... What are BITCOINS and What can BITCOINS do for YOU Financially Now, PLUS Into the Future?

You will be hearing more and more about "bitcoins" and crypto-currency over the coming years as it's popularity and use has been spreading to offline and online companies as an alternate payment method to the standard PayPal and Payza payment methods. There are even machines in the UK now similar to a soft drink machine where you can exchange euro's for bitcoin, or bitcoin for euro's. As of February 2015 (two years ago!), over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted bitcoin as payment. Now 2 years later in 2017 I've read where merchants accepting bitcoins as payment has quadrupled to over 400,000. It's also used as an investment medium since when first introduced they cost a mere pennies a piece per coin, that coin value was back in 2009. 

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If a person (and there were many) that took a chance back then and bought bitcoin at a price of 7 cents each, and they bought only 1000 of them ($142.85), at the price per bitcoin (as of the original date of this editorial 3/13/17) of $1202.17 per coin, those people would be worth $1,202,170.00 and it only took them 8 years of holding onto their bitcoins so... they actually earned $150,271.25 per year - a nice profit. [original article post]

I've heard about bitcoins for many years now but never took it seriously. My thought process was if I can't touch it, hold it or see it then how it could possibly be real, so for the time being and back then I simply ignored all the talk about it and considered it a fad, something that would eventually pass, sort of like the pet rock.

Bitcoins cannot be seen or held because they're "crypto-currency" and they exist in the digital world. Similar to how when we send dollar currency from one bank to another or we send a credit card payment from our bank to the credit card company, money doesn't actually change hands, digital information does. In its most basic sense that's what bitcoins are... digital currency that exists in the digital world which has value and can be used just like standard "printed" money.

For me after reading an article in USA Today about bitcoins, like everyone else would have done, I went to my computer and Googled "bitcoin" and 17,000,000 result pages were available to me. I checked out about a dozen or so interesting websites to see what these "bitcoins" were all about, this was December 15th, 2016. I ended up at a place where you could buy bitcoins (link below in paragragh #1) and also buy another popular crypto-currency called ethereum (can also get from link below).

  You can buy Bitcoins here

At that particular time 1 bitcoin was priced at $775.23 each and ethereum was priced at $7.77 each. As of 3/13/17 the price of bitcoin was $1202.17 and ethereum was at $22.37 so both are still on an upward climb.

I don't see investing in crypto-currency as part of home business activities as much as a long-term investment so I thought I'd share this information with you in case you've been hearing about bitcoins for a while now and thought just like I did, you know... it's not real, it's a scam, if I can't hold it then it doesn't exist etc.

I'm not a financial advisor; I do however recommend if you can afford it to buy at least one (1) bitcoin and hold onto it, think of it as an investment into your IRA or part of your 401k, yes... just one bitcoin. I've read where the price will continue to rise as the amount that will eventually be available is only 21 million coins. That number is set in stone within the digital code, and as the supply of bitcoins reaches it limit I personally believe the demand for them will increase as more and more people use bitcoin for everyday purchases. With a limited supply the only way to satisfy the market demand is to increase the price of bitcoin which might mean 1 coin could one day be worth 1 million dollars, so to buy a loaf of bread you'd hand over your bitcoin debit card and are charged 2/1,000,000 of a bitcoin (or $2) for that loaf of bread.

Remember at the beginning of this editorial I mentioned that a few years ago they cost only pennies a piece and now they're worth over $1200. If you bought only 1/8 of a bitcoin today at $150, even that could be worth many thousands of dollars this time next year; or worth $150, or worth nothing, however you'll never know unless you think and can work outside of your comfort zone box. In a year you could be mad at me, in a year you might also send me a thank you email too.  :-)

If you don't want to buy bitcoins or ethereum right now, you can earn bitcoins for free, however it's a small percentage of a bitcoin (called satashi) but STILL FREE. You can join the same "bitcoin faucets" down below that I did where you'll receive them with a click of your mouse or  it'll drip satashi into your bitcoin wallet account. If you're interested in these bitcoin freebies then you'll need to do a few simple steps.

1. Create a bitcoin wallet where your bitcoin can be deposited to, it's like an online bank account except it's for bitcoin, ethereum or dollars. This wallet service is 100% free to you, no charge now or ever. You can also buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum there if you'd like.

2. From the above site you want to create your bitcoin wallet address. In most cases they will have created one for you automatically during your free sign-up.

3. Then go to each of these two popular "automated" bitcoin faucets: Coin Check Faucet and Moon Bitcoin Faucet then input your bitcoin wallet address... that's it, you're done and already on your way to earning FREE satashi. 

At Coin Check you will receive from 15 to 100,000 FREE satashi instantly every 5 minutes with an automatic deposit into your chosen bitcoin wallet address. Coin Check is our all-time favorite bitcoin faucet because it's advertising free, fast and fun. At Moon Bitcoin your free satashi will automatically build in front of your eyes, you can withdraw it to your faucet account there once every five minutes, once a day, once a week, once a month... you decide. Then, once a week the faucet website will automatically deposit your satashi to your bitcoin wallet address - easy!

An important satashi hint: Satashi builds up fast after each time you move it into your account at which time it starts over again at 1 then grows again. If you do this hourly or daily, you'll earn much more than if you did it weekly or monthly. Think about it, it only takes a few seconds to click for free satashi or do a satashi transfer so it's no biggie. 

I know there's a ton of information in here about bitcoins, ethereum and satashi and there's no way I could ever explain everything about crypto-currency in one sitting, besides I'm still learning more about it myself. I recommend you Google some of the terms mentioned here like I did a few months ago and get a better feel for what bitcoin and ethereum are all about, then decide how involved you want to get and what you want to do.

The last of the last... At the start of typing this article (3/13/17) the price of 1 bitcoin was $1,202.17, as I close this article it's currently at $1,208.98 which is about a $7 increase in a fairly short period of time. I'm a believer in crypto-currency now, I just wish I was back in 2009 when it all started!  If $1000 worth of bitcoins were purchased on September 27, 2010 (.06 each), that equals 16,660 bitcoins. If they were sold on March 16, 2017 at $1257.39 each, that's almost a 21 million dollar profit, $20,948,117.40 to be exact.  If they were sold at the time of this post Instead of the original writing of this article on a different site, that bitcoin would be worth $4,546,247.44! Nope, it's NEVER too late to invest in a little crypto-currency. The most current statistics say that only 3.3% of Americans in the USA own Bitcoin, and remember as more people hear about it and buy Bitcoin the price goes up. Once the last coin (#21 milion) is mined then the price is expected to sky rocket... it's all about supply and demand - simple.

Current crypto-currency prices "per coin" as of the posting of this editorial here at Leased Ad Space:

Bitcoin: $2728.84

Ethereum: $328.37

Litecoin: $45.29

My favorite crypto currency news and information links:

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My favorite Bitcoin story, how an 18 year old became a millionaire from Bitcoin.

My recommendation: Buy a couple hundred dollars "each" worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin and just let it sit there while you go on your life. In a few months to a year see what they're worth, I'm confident you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

Whew... there were bunches of numbers in this editorial, but they were required to show you what's happening out there right now in the crypto-currency world. I hope your eyes don't hurt ha ha. Until next time, have fun out there and have a great day! 

Wishing you the very best,



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