Trading Links... to Generate Visitors to Your Website, Blog or to Your Favorite Social Media Site.

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 Trading Links... to Generate Free Traffic and Visitors to Your Website!

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Trading Links... to Generate Visitors to Your Website, Blog or to Your Favorite Social Media Site.

Exchanging links with the webmasters of other sites will benefit you and the webmaster that you trade links with since you'll both be moving traffic between your sites, this is traffic that could have otherwise clicked away from either of your sites into the deep depths of the Internet. You can trade links one on one by contacting the webmaster of a similar content site to ask if he or she would like to exchange links. Once it's agreed upon you place a link to the other site and then they link back to you, traffic sharing at its finest. I'd highly recommend you use many of the freely available link back checkers out there where you can load the URLS where YOUR link was placed on their site, then with a click of your mouse it will go through the list and let you know if any of the webmasters have removed your link so that they then have a "one way" link from your site to theirs, yes it happens more than you might realize. If they've done this then remove their link from your site and don't do any more business with them.

As far as "one way links", this is a way to increase your page rank in Google when a web site with that is relative to yours with similar content... links to your web site but you do not necessarily link back to their web site. In this case you're not trading links with another webmaster, you're having your link placed on a web site with no reciprocal link back from your site to theirs. This can be worked out in different ways... A webmaster finds your site of interest to his visitors and places a link to it, you write an article and the link in the article points to your site, or you make a post to some of the thousands of blogs out there with your signature byline which contains a link back to your web site. As far as paying for one way links, I've never done it and never will. I've read where Google will penalize you for this if they discover it, so it's probably best not to get involved in "paid for link backs". Do it one on one, or just let it happen naturally.

There are many other ways to get your link out there such as through social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and others. Write some content, maybe a story about your site, the cool products, services you provide etc. and include your web site link. To get the most out of your post to Facebook for instance, remember to then post (copy and paste if you must) to all of your other social media sites... BAM! Much more social media exposure bang for your buck!

As you continue to trade links with other web sites your traffic will gradually increase especially if you sprinkle in some one way links along the way. As your site gains popularity and increased visitors you can also be assured that webmasters will begin to email you requesting link trades. So... one way links are more valuable to you then reciprocal links, however even reciprocal links with other high traffic web sites are better then no links at all.

One cautionary note that's very important. There are people out there running what I call the "3-way link scam" and this is how it works. The webmaster will email you and ask you to link your web site to his web site "A" which is claimed to be new, not very popular yet and it sure could use some Google juice help, you are promised a link on his "very popular" and "high traffic" web site "B". If you agree to the deal and link to his web site "A" he WILL put you on his web site "B", is this fair to you? No, not even close. What the webmaster is doing is approaching hundreds of other webmasters with the same deal and if he can hook a couple dozen webmasters then that's pure gravy and extra cheese for him. And this is why... his web site "A" is the web site that he wants Google to see as popular (because of all the one way similar site content inbound links), that's where his good updated content, affiliate links, Amazon ads, PLR programs, Google ads, MLM or whatever is located, that's his "primary" income site. His web site "B" is a junk site with excess two way links, practically all to different (and some shady) web sites that are unrelated to his site "B", generic content and low Google or non-existent Google listing and little to no visitors.

If you're approached with a 3-way link trade as I have been many times over the years - delete their email without a second thought! If you've already done a 3-way link trade at some point in the past... delete their link, remember who they are so you don't do any business with them in the future, then go back to building your home business bigger and better and just consider it just part of your ongoing "experience training".overall amount of free traffic you'll receive. Getting listed on the first page of Google and you're assured a consistent stream of free traffic, listed on the 437th page and you are not assured of anything. So how do you get on the first page or as a minimum on one of the first three pages, it takes time and effort however it'll be well worth it when you do.

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