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Published by Christopher Adegbe — 7-10-2017 at 6:51 PM UTC

Have you ever stopped to think, what is that one basic need that no one can do without? Yes you guessed right, FOOD. Everyone must eat at least once everyday. No matter how difficult things become with the currentrecession facing our country Nigeria, people must spend and do everything within their power to feed themselves and their families.
What if you do not have to spend any part of your income to have more than enough food in your house? If you were offered a chance to get a monthly supply of food delivered to you at no cost for the rest of your life,would you take it?
Happy World Mealgate is offering you that chance: group chat:

Happy World Mealgate is a uniqueMLM company who's mission is to empower you to: 
* Put food continuously on your table
* To reduce your feeding expenses
* Also to increase your savings.
Stages to Go Through are:
* Farm Stage
* Green Garden (stage 1)
* Green Garden (stage 2)
* Green Garden (stage 3)
* Famous Farm (stage 4)
* Food Bank (stage 5)
No Buying, No Selling. Just come and eat.
You register with N6,500. Then register 6 other people with (6,500 each) tocomplete FARM stage.
You can either register for:
# 1 account: 6,500
# 2 accounts: 13,000
# 3 accounts: 19,500
# 7 accounts: 45,500
* Half bag of rice + 3litres of vegetable oil or a carton of noddles
How you Earn:
Referral Bonus: #1,280
Level Bonus: #7,680
Complete stage: #3,200
Total: 10,880
NB: All payment are in FOOD ITEMS when you CYCLE OUT of stage 0 to stage 1.
Then you move to (GREEN GARDEN) Stage 1:
At stage 1, all rewards are in FOOD ITEMS via the concept of 'Feed yourselfand help feed others' (when you CYCLE OUT of stage 1 to stage 2). You need 14 downlines from stage 0 to cycle out.
N76,000 worth of food items like; 
* Rice
* Indomie
* Spaghetti
* Maggi
* Vegetable Oil
* Golden morn
* Milo
* Sugar
* Corn flakes
* Lipton tea etc.
How you Earn:
Referral Bonus: #1,280
Level Bonus: #44,800
Complete stage: 32,000
Total: 76,800
NB: All payments at Garden stage are in FOOD ITEMS
Free food items worth #32,000 for seven (7) months when you CYCLE OUT of stage2 to 3.
You need 14 downlines from stage 1 to cycle out.
* 40% food items
* 60%cash
* Plus free food items worth N32,000 for seven months.
How you Earn:
Referral Bonus: 1,280
Level Bonus: 112,000
Complete Stage: 72,000
Total: 184,000
NB: Payments is 40% food items and 60% cash.
* Free trip to Saudi Arabia for Hajj or Umah (Lesser Hajj) or
* Free trip to Israel or Dubai. All expenses paid inclusive of #1,000,000.00travelling allowance.
* Plus Brand New Car worth #4.4M (when you CYCLE OUT of stage 3 to stage 4)
You need 14downlines from stage 2 to cycle out.
How you Earn:
Referral bonus: #1,280
Level bonus: #140,000
Complete stage: #700,000
Total: #840,000
NB: Payment is 40% food items and 60% cash
(FAMOUS FARM) Stage 4: Members will be entitled to #50,000 worth of food itemsfor 12months. Moreso, a GRAND AWARD of a SUV worth 6M will be added to the package (when you CYCLE OUT of stage 4 to 5).
How you Earn:
Referral bonus; #1,280
Level bonus: #448,000
Complete stage: #1,000,000
Total: #1,448,000
NB: payment is 40% food items and 60% cash.
(FOOD BANK) Stage 5: At this final stage, you live to earn #1.2M from everyteam member that joins you. You are also entitle to the unique privilege of profit sharing from the company.
You need only 14 people from your downlines to join you in your present stagefor you to qualify for next stage.
NB: payment 40% food items and 60% cash.

Remember! All you need is N6,500and 6 people to never worry about food again. Take action now!

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