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Hello Fellow Affiliate Marketers,

If you are like me, you probably have less than a year or two of experience trying to earn a living working online. Like me, you possibly had some moderate success earning a few dollars here and there but far short of the expectations that you may have set for yourself. After trying my hand in a number of programs, it seems I have had the most success with programs that are simplistic in nature, doesn’t require a subscription, and can be promoted with free ads or simply sharing the information through social media accounts (Face-Book, You-Tube, Twitter, etc.). So the one thing that I insist on in any of the products, services, or programs that I choose to endorse—is simplicity. For me, the only programs worth anything could be explained in less than 7-steps and for the most part, only requires a one-time set-up fee.
I joined this platform so that I could focus on the 3-5 programs that I want to endorse and use only 3-5 advertising platforms to promote those same programs with the same criteria--simplicity, inexpensive, and easy to explain. These programs won’t make you “a millionaire overnight” but you could easily add hundreds to your bank account on a weekly basis if you put some effort in learning and implementing a few marketing techniques.


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