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Retired young carpenter of 25 years. Now a bitcoin and other cryptos are my passion. I also did work in the PTC, TE, TAE platforms and what a waste of those years. I did make my money with 2 very popular PTC websites, but that's it. Scam or abandoned PTC, TE, and TAE sites. I still use 2 Te sites just for the chat, I could care less about the points/credits. They just surf and don't care what is presented. So, I stick to BTC and cryptos where I can earn with my own efforts, I can with refs but I don't make it a priority. I find my own efforts seem to work much better. Mining, faucets, purchasing cryptos is my game, buy low and HODL. So I guess I can say I'm a HODL'er of Crypto Currencies. Only serious apply please.

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