Interview Litecoin creator Charlie Lee with Andy Hoffman on Bitcoin Litecoin and the Future of Cryptocurrencies

Published by Charles Williams — 11-6-2017 at 2:48 AM UTC

INTERVIEW Litecoin Creator Charlie Lee with Andy Hoffman on Bitcoin Litecoin and the Future of Cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin Basics What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency News

Excellent interview of Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin ($LTC).

Litecoin was created to be as “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold.” A faster, decentralized cryptocurrency with lower fees for small transaction (cup of coffee, lunch, pair of shoes) than bitcoin.

In this thought process a person would want to use bitcoin as a store of value but not really as a vehicle for small transactions. That would allow bitcoin to focus on its security and power as a store of value and not so much in focusing on trying to get fees as low as possible while softening their focus on its security… which is a big function of its “store of value” quality.

Litecoin is secure, faster, lower fees and designed for use in small transactions.

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Bitcoin Basics What is Bitcoin Cryptocurrency News

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