Few words about Mining Power Contracts

Published by Aleksandra Niedzielska — 9-2-2018 at 6:01 PM UTC

From April 2018 I'm earning Ethereum in Mining Company, where I bought Mining Power Contracts, and now it mines for me everyd day, second by second, 7 days in week, during whole 2 years.


It's simple too.You're leasing companies computing powers. Every month you can withdraw your ETH. You can share this with your friends and make even more ETH. That's it.

You can also use huge referral program: The recommendation plan gives you the opportunity to get an additional ETH by recommending.

NETWORK BONUS: You receive 5% of the value of each contract purchased by the user in your structure, regardless of whether the contract was purchased in your matrix by your direct referral or non-direct referral. Below is an example of the potential of Network Bonus for ALPHA MINI contract (111 $). 

FOREMAN BONUS (this on eis really great!) : You receive 5% of the mined ETH of each contract of your direct referrals, up to the amount of your highest contract. Every month! For  2 years!

If you would like to check how it works, it will be pleasure for me to see you in my team :)

Join link: click here to start with my team and earn Ethereum day by day.

Need more info? Let me show you this youtube channel, where you can find more:) 

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interesting in cryptocurrency, mining, and earning online:) Actually involved in 3 earning companies, and satisfied from it. Wish you all a wonderful day!