Friend, I want to offer this to you

Posted on 10-17-2016 at 12:25 PM by ronj


I want ask you a direct question from marketer to marketer... Would you be open to looking at a position I have in Skinny Body Care? I have a position in my team that you can take over. Would you like to take a look at it?? It has a team and commissions made on the account already. A person dropped out of the position not knowing they were sitting on a gold mine. We have a Powerteam Group on FB with top marketer Aron Parker with over 8000 members. Our team has put 5,000 new Distributors in SBC in 3 months. This business has so much momentum. Please let me know and I will give you the log in details.

Ron Jeffries

P.S. Don't worry about clicking for credit below, just email me at with "Gold Mine Position in SBC" in the subject line.

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