Im Spilling The Beans On MOBE Diamond Mastermind Consultant Program

Posted on 5-15-2018 at 7:28 PM by mikejanthony


I thought I'd change direction here for a bit and tell you about MOBE's Diamond Mastermind Consultant Program.

I know when I first joined MOBE's business community, I did not even know that there was a Diamond level until sometime later.

I thought, "Hey! Why didn't I know about this before?!"

You see, as a Platinum Consultant, I thought I was at the top level at the time.  That is until I found out there was 1 more!

Its not like I could jump on it right away or anything, and I am still working on it as we speak, but I still would have liked to have known about it.

I guess I was too low on the totem pole to even learn about this at the time!  It was kind of a new program and it definitely was not going to be offered to me!

You know who else does this? Amazon!  Most people do not know that there is a program above Amazon Associates, which all newbies know about, and also above the FBA program, which is the next level up from Associates. 

You wont know about this either, until you make a lot of money with Amazon and then Amazon will approach you about it!  So if you're just starting out with Amazon, there's no reason for you to know about this level.

That's kind of how MOBE treats the Diamond level as well!

Anyway, since then, the Diamond level has been offered to me at a Platinum Mastermind event in a special offer only available to Platinum-level folks at the time, so I learned quite a bit more about what the Diamond level entails.

But it's not talked about upfront for a couple of other main reasons.  

#1) Its MOBE's TOP program and it takes some time to build up to that, both mentally and financially. Sure, some people can, and do, move into that right away but that's far from typical.

#2) Its advanced and not the kind of thing I should be leading off with as it might intimidate the uninitiated.

But you know what?


I want to change up here a little and tell you all about what MOBE offers to its TOP people - that YOU won't hear about! 

Let me tell you the truth on this: This Diamond level is where 80% of all the money is made but consists of only 20% of the people!

This isn't something you would normally hear about right away, or at all, even if you became a MOBE consultant right now...

So if you want to hear more about this, I spill all the beans right here:


Mike J Anthony

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