I Hated This Business...At First

Posted on 4-15-2018 at 3:45 PM by mikejanthony

"I joined this business where I could make a ton of money online - sound familiar?"

"I went through the training steps and thought it sounded like a good thing. Then I actually got started."

"I got my links, I started posting to where I thought was everywhere online. I spent an entire 8 hours posting links everywhere I could find. I got a few clicks but nothing meaningful. Was anyone even looking at my stuff?

Apparently not."

"I learned that I had not posted enough links around. Forget about spam, I don't do that, once I learned what that even was. My account balance still showed ZERO.  Some days later, I went back to work posting links after I learned about some better traffic sources. Still...nothing!  

"Hey! This shit don't work, must be a scam! I went to bed and slept on things."

"I realized, in my dreams, that I joined a real business and businesses don't just run themselves. Just because I signed the dotted line and paid the money doesn't mean that sales are going to come raining down upon me.  I still had a lot to learn."

"Some people said 'you should find a mentor'.  I finally did, after a long time of working without one. I still failed miserably and the method he taught had changed".

"I talked to my honey about it. She really loves me and wants to see me do well. She told me to follow my own path and find my own way to do things."

"I went back into my business' resources. What?! Whoa! There was a LOT more back here than I previously thought. I never even looked here before."

"What?! There is an "Inspiration" channel where people are actually talking about what they've done to make money in the thousands of dollars? Wow. This is really real!"

"I go out and do some of the things other people had done to bring in sales. It was not posting links all over the place, either.  I actually targeted some real folks, using ways I had found on my own. Not a lot but at least not the same zombie link clickers and uninterested people I had been unknowingly targeting."

"Oh SCHNAP! I got a sale! No way! A couple weeks later...holy smoke..that actually says $1,250 in my account balance. I can't believe this!  That's the most amount I've EVER made at one time in my life."

"I guess, as it turns out, I (as in ME, Myself and I), was the real scam here, not this business!"

"If I can make $1,000 then I can make $10,000, and lo and behold, that's exactly what I can make up to per sale online with this business I positioned myself in for life, though I am now working towards $20,000 per sale."

"I've seen so many people come in after me and make so much more though.  Looks like they are working harder than me and doing the right things. Things I was not doing. Its amazing what happens when you follow a system and do the things you need to do and learn the proper skills."

"I watched another member, Carolina Millan, quietly build about a million dollars in net online sales using this. Surely I can do it if she can.  See her story below..."

"Its not all fun and games. I work hard, and I am continually learning, and that is what I found out is the name of the game."

"If you can relate, read more here":

Carolina Millan's Story ==> http://track.mobetrack.com/SHWZS

"Now maybe if I work a little harder" .....

Mike J Anthony

"You Don't Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great"   ~Zig Ziglar

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