Newspapers = 90% Of My PAID Signups

Posted on 2-14-2018 at 7:55 PM by traffic2

Newspapers Alive is on FIRE folks.

I'm getting a tonne of emails
from y'all and the most frequently
asked question would have to be:

  "Is Newspapers Alive newbie/beginner

Simple question. Simple answer.


I've been helping the most newbie
of newbies get started with
Newspapers Alive and they are
getting amazing results promoting
a variety of links/programs.

Can you handle these simple steps?

1. Signup

2. Login and select 3 zones for circulation.

3. Edit your offer page

That's it people.  Super simple to get
started and use.

But does Newspapers Alive traffic convert?

Last month, I enrolled 122 new members
into my programs, from Jan 1st to
Jan 31st, exclusively from Newspapers
Alive Traffic.

So the answer is a big.. Heck Ya!

Join now :)

Over n' Out...

Jenna Pauley
(email me with questions. I won't bite :)

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