3 Reasons Why Your Online Business Is Still Failing...

Posted on 1-8-2018 at 11:36 PM by mikejanthony

Its a fact that 98% of entrepreneurs starting online businesses will fail.  Even those who manage to establish an online business never actually get it to succeed and are still failing...

What makes me qualified to tell you why you're still failing with your online business?

Because they are the same reasons why I was failing when I first started marketing (selling things) online, and because my successful business partners/mentors teach me these things.

And we all know that once you have real world experience with something, you become qualified to teach it.

So lets get into it...

The first reason why your online business is still failing is because you may have what's called...

#1. Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS).  You are jumping from program to program, business idea to business idea, never mastering anything. Or maybe you have not found something that you are truly interested in. I successfully maintained SOS for years, which kept me unsuccessful.  

Get past this quick because it is killing any future success you might otherwise have.  The sooner you find one business model, and stick to it, the quicker you can see results with whatever you've chosen to build.

#2.  You Are Not "ALL IN".  You need to go "All In" to whatever business you've chosen.  This means, don't half-ass it!    You need to commit to it whole-heartedly.  If you are not committed, you will fail. Its that simple.  

If you are part of an affiliate program, for example, and you need to get to a certain level so you can make bigger commissions, then do it as soon as possible.  That's what being "All In" means.  If you only dilly-dally at the free or beginner level, you are not going for broke, and you should be.  You are only selling yourself short, and you are not committed.

If you know that your business is the one you want to be in, i.e. you don't have SOS, then you need to be positioned at the highest levels where the biggest commissions are.

Here is a quote from Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald's Corp, about being "ALL IN" (from his book, Grinding It Out, 1977): 

"You're not going to get it free, and you have to take risks.  I don't mean to be a daredevil, that's crazy.  But you have to take risks, and in some cases, you must go for broke.  If you believe in something, you've got to be in it to the ends of your toes.  Taking reasonable risks is part of the challenge. Its the fun."

So ask yourself, if you are in business, are you in it to the "ends of your toes"? Are you "ALL IN"? If not, then either you need to find another business where you can be "all in" or work on getting "all in" to the best of your ability with your current business.

#3.  You Do Not Invest In A Mentor and Yourself.  One of the biggest mistakes I have found as to why I was still failing miserably was that I was not willing to invest in a mentor to take me step by step and show me how to do what I wanted to do.  Its taken me a long time to do this but my results have increased dramatically since I have.

Not having a mentor is like baking a cake without a recipe or like traveling to some destination you've never been without a map!  Both of which will not produce the results you want!

Also, be willing to invest in yourself and spend money on your business and your own education.  Read business related motivational books and videos, like Ray Kroc's 'Grinding It Out', which I just mentioned above.  

In order to improve your business, you must also improve yourself because you ARE your business.

If you are not willing to spend money in these areas, you will fail, and be wondering why...even years later.  This is another mistake I made for a long time.  So stop acting like a freebie-seeker because you are not saving any money.  You are only short-changing yourself.

Don't worry so much about making money at first. That will come later. Right now, the above 3 things are some of the best things you can do right now to improve your results for the future, to stop the failing, and get to growing your business.

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Mike J Anthony

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